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Funeral Essay, Research Paper


Was there a specter at the funeral of local resident Mrs. Drablow? An

unexplained sighting of a mysterious woman in black has fuelled local legends of

Drablow hauntings.

The late Mrs. Drablow, of Eel Marsh House, was a wealthy landowner and

well known reclusive. Her funeral took place on the cold morning of November 6th

at Crythin Gifford parish church.

Attending the burial service were Mr Jerome, the deceased’s property

manager, and her young solicitor, Arthur Kipps, who had travelled from London.

Towards the end of the service, on hearing a rustle in the near empty

church, Mr Kipps turned and saw a mysterious female mourner. According to Mr


“She was quite alone, very erect and still and not holding a prayer book.

She was dressed in deepest black, in the style of full moaning that had rather

gone out of fashion.” While Kipps did not get a good look at her face, partly

hidden by a bonnet, he thought from her emaciated appearance she must be

suffering from some terrible disease. Mr. Kipps went on to say ” Not only was

she extremely pale, her eyes seemed shrunken into her head.”

Kipps admitted he was moved that a woman who looked as if she might be at

death’s door her self had made the effort to attend the funeral.

He noted that the enigmatic women in black disappeared after the burial.

When Mr. Kipps inquired of Mr. Jerome as to her identity, the latter was deeply


“I did not see a young woman,” said Jerome.

She reappeared moments after Jerome had told Kipps that he had seen no-one, but

again was visible only to Mr. Kipps. Mr. Jerome appeared to be in a state of

some agitation, doubtless perturbed to think that the Drablow Ghost might be

once more manifesting itself.

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