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So, Why Build A Tower In The First Place?

During Toronto’s building boom in the early 70’s, a serious problem was developing. People were experiencing poor quality television. The pre-skyscraper transmission towers of Toronto stations were simply not high enough anymore.As office buildings were reaching higher and higher, the video reception and radio signaq got weaker and soon became alomst inpossible to recieve. Signals from Toronto and from Buffalo, New York were bouncing off the buildings. As a result viewers often saw a weaker station superimposed over another. So the were watching two shows at once. It became clear that they needed a antenna that would not only be taller than any building in the city, but one that would be taller than anything that would probably ever be built.

Today, the microwave receivers which pull in distant signals are about 305 metres or 1000 feet up (inside that white donut-like thing), and the top of the transmission antenna is 553.33 metres or 1815 feet 5 inches high (that’s the very top).Because of this, we enjoy some of the clearest TV and radio reception in North America. An extra little tidbit you may not have known: It wasn’t until late in the design process that the architects decided to turn the Tower into a Tourist Attraction.

These are the hard facts.

The CN Tower was built by the Canadian National Railway.

Opened to the public on June 26, 1976

Official opening on October 1, 1976

Original cost: $63 million

Adjusted cost (1997 dollars): $250 million

Total construction time: 40 months

Number of construction workers: 1,537

Total weight of the Tower: 117,910 metric tonnes (130,000 tons)

Volume of concrete: 40,523.8 cubic metres (53,000 cubic yards)

Reinforcing steel: 4,535 metric tonnes (5,000 tons)

Structural steel: 544.2 metric tonnes (600 tons)

Number of elevators: 6 (including 2 which officially opened March 20, 1997)

Speed of elevators: 6 metres/second (20 feet/second)

Slow speed of elevators (in high winds): 1.5 metres/second (5 feet/second)

Attendance: about 1.8 million per year

Total staff (off season): approximately 400

Total staff (peak season): approximately 550

Maximum sway in 190 km/h winds with 320 km/h gusts (120 mph winds with 200 mph gusts): Antenna: 6 ft., 8 in. from centre

Sky Pod: 3 ft., 4 in. from centre

Tower Sphere: 1 ft., 7 in. from centre

Windows: Double-pane armour-plated

Thickness of windows: Outer pane – 9.5 mm (3/8 inch), inner pane – 6.4 mm (1/4 inch)

Capacity of 360, The Restaurant at the Tower: 400 people

Time it takes to revolve once: 72 minutes

Capacity of Horizons Caf : 500 people

Broadcast Facilities: UHF, VHF Television; FM Radio; Microwave Transmissions; Fixed Mobile Systems

Companies that broadcast from the Tower:

CBC Channel 5 & 25, CFMT 47, CFTO 9, City 57, Global/CIII 41, TV Ontario 19, LOOK Communications (Digital), CHFI/Rogers, CFNY FM, CHIN FM, CHUM FM, CILQ FM, CJEZ FM, CJRT FM, CKFM FM, Bell Canada, Cantel, Motorola, TTC

Thickness of The Glass Floor: 2 1/2 “. Layers, from the top down: 3/16″ scuff plate (replaced annually) Two 1/2″ layers of clear tempered glass, laminated together A one inch layer of air (for insulation) Two 1/4″ layers of clear tempered glass, laminated together Size of each panel: 42″ by 50″ Load tests are performed annually on each panel to ensure safety

CN Tower Awards & Honours

Toronto certainly does, and we appreciate the time the following groups and publications recently took to honour the CN Tower:

The CN Tower extends congratulations to II by IV Design Associates partners Dan Menchions and Keith Rushbrook in winning the following design awards from the Assocation of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario (ARIDO):”Designers of the Year”, GOLD for Public and Institutional Spaces: CN Tower – Public Circulation Space, SILVER for Retail Spaces: CN Tower – Market Place Retail Centre, SILVER for Restaurants and Bars: CN Tower – Market Place Caf

City Parent, A Metroland Newsmagazine For City Families chose us as the ‘Best Tourist Attraction in Toronto’ in the Fourth Annual Readers Selection Awards

Voted the “Best Place to Take Out-Of-Towners” by Eye Magazine

American Society of Civil Engineers, who accredited us as being one of the ‘Seven Wonders of the Modern World’

Guinness Book of World Records changed our status to ‘World’s Tallest Building and Free Standing Structure’ and highlighted us on the cover of their 1996 Edition

NOW Magazine – Best Place to Impress Out-of-Town Visitors

Toronto Sun Readers’ Choice Awards – Favourite Toronto Attraction

International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions Brass Ring Award – #1 Radio Campaign for Attractions

World Wildlife Fund of Canada – Bird Friendly Building Award

Federal Energy Innovator Award for recognition of innovative leadership in the pursuit of energy management opportunities

Toronto Tourism Award – Ontario SuperHost for Staff Training & Education

International Digital Media Awards – Gold for Best Kiosk/Installation for EcoDek

Environment Canada – Great Lakes Raptor Recovery Plaque

Tourism Toronto Award – Best Attraction, 1995.

We thank you for your recognition.

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