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Eternal Romance Essay, Research Paper

Being an atmosphere or feeling characterized by a sense of love or by the idealization of everyday life, romance does not only belong to young people. In fact, all human beings are likely to be romantic regardless of age, sex, nationality, profession and color of skin. As soon as your eyes open to see the light of the world, you are endowed with another world created by your own imagination. With ideal image in his mind, people have a tendency to show their instinctive love that may sweep off all kinds of difficulties. A person is destined to have the ability to create and also to feel romance so long as he can love. Even if he is an ordinary clerk who spends hours on repeating dull jobs, or a busy scientist who devoting himself heart and soul to endless researchworks, even an insensitive soldier tired of killing and being killed, he is still able to, say, like the song sung by Zhen Zhongji, ??create romance from common life??. Romance is everywhere. A bunch of roses for the anniversary of marriage, a cup of tea made by the wife for her beloved hardworking husband, as well as a tiny yellow flower in the battlefield, all refer to romance.

There is nothing half so broadly existed as romance, love and imagination. It is eternal humanity that I trust in and I firmly believe that romantic love can conquer poverty, starvation, exhortation and even hatred.

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