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Perspective on the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare systems, whether in a well-developed nation or an economically poor society, should be viewed upon as a system which can improve or replace humanity?s biological misfortunes. In other words, the system is always existent and should be open to all members of a community, regardless of financial or socioeconomic status. Healthcare should not be viewed as an industry or a business, rather than something of altruistic origin. If some service is necessary for the improvement of someone?s health, the service should be provided because of the potential hazards that may harm a single human being?s health.

Health is a feature which is unpredictable and sometimes uncontrollable. Sometimes, it is. And the average living person, fifty percent of the time, is almost clueless about the origin of their problem and about the ways to prevent or treat it. This is where the healthcare system comes into play. Sometimes, healthy habits can be taught and learned so that, in the long run, individuals, in essence, build their own healthcare system, in which a diet or exercise program can prevent a certain biological calamity from happening. In this case, a patient does not require as much attention from trained professionals, money and time are saved, and the risk of one?s health problems can be dramatically decreased practically within the walls of his or her own home.

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