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Something More

The docter came into the room and told the worried parents

They cried….

For the next three years all would be well and no one would notice,

Then, after time passed, her forehead enlarged and her eyes grew far


When they were in public her parents walked yards in front of her so

no onw would suspect,

She found herself alone,

She soon entered school, she was put in SPECIAL ED,

At lunch kids threw things at her as if she didnt notice, she did.

Even the teachers think she is hopeless,

But she



and learns all,

At home she is left on her bed until school or meals come,

She cant tell people that the is something more to her,

She enters middle school….

Things get worse,

She is left in the dark corner of the class room where she is left to

stare at a picture of Pooh.

The picture soon becomes her friend,

she secretly dreams that she is the baloon that is carrying pooh high

above the tree tops into the blue sky,

the wind in her hair,

the sun in her eyes,

the clouds in her face,

She now enters High School….

One day a boy offers the teacher to take her to the bus,

the teacher says yes.

Instead of the bus stop, she is taken to the boys bathroom, where she

is raped!

She thinks of Pooh.

After four years of endless torment she graduates. Her parents drop her

off and then go dine at Gina’s (the most expensive resturaunt in town)

Then return to finder sitting on a trash can with a sign labed “RETARD”

on it. Her parents yell at her and ask her how she could let this


As she is thrown into the back of the car, no one sees a tear shed from

her blue eyes.

All grown now…….

she is put into a special facility for her type,

here the people will treat her with respect, or at least some,

When she is taken to her new room,

her eyes fall upon a picture of Pooh,

She know all will be well.


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