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Creative Story: My Golden Age Essay, Research Paper

Creative Story: My Golden Age

Many people have their own Golden Ages. It is like a dream that a person

would like to live out. Many of these dreams tend to be similar to a utopia, or

a perfect world. Due to the fact that their Golden Age is a perfect world, most

of these dreams are a little bit on the unrealistic side. Most of them never

come true. However, I am not so picky. I would make the best attempt to make

my life the best it could be, and also knowing that it could come true, and

still be on the realistic side.

You have to understand that when people come up with their own Golden

Age, he/she usually takes their life and alters it to a stage where there is no

similarity between reality, and their utopia. I would do something a little bit

different. You see, I would take my pre-existing life, and just make changes to

that. If I were to come up with my own Golden Age, this is what I would do.

I would start with my present standing in life. That would be a tenth

grade student in high school. Then to make it dream like, I would analyze to

see what I could do to make my life better. I would find out what things were

important to me at that time and what things I could change to make my future

life better. For example, I would probably start out with school, since that is

very important to most people at my age. There are pretty much two things that

are important to kids around my age, the social aspect and the academic aspect.

I would not change my personality, but I would rather like to be friends and get

to know other people I don’t know now. Maybe it would be neat to be the King my

senior year. Also, because I am turning sixteen real soon, I would have this

really neat car that not many other people had. Than the next thing I would do

would be to adjust my grades, so that I would graduate a valedictorian. Then

would probably wish to be an athletic star so I could play on any team I wanted.

All of this would lead up to me graduating very successfully. Since I was so

successful, I would be able to attend any university I wanted. I would not

worry about paying for anything because I would have a full ride scholarship.

Than I would pass college with flying colors, playing for the team, and having a

lot of fun in my free time. Now, I would be ready to take the next step in my

life. Getting a job. I would probably open up my own business so I could work

for myself, and have my company be a very internationally known and successful.

I would just pretty much live the rest of my life doing the things I like to do

best. Also, because I am making so much money, more than I would know what to

do with, I would give as much as I could to charity. Then I would like to die a

wealthy and prosperous man knowing that I gave to the needy as well. It would

be comforting to watch my kids grow up similarly to the way I did.

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