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A Spartan Or An Athenian? Essay, Research Paper

I would rather be Athenian. Too many simple reasons factor in on this decision. The Spartans were a much poorer society, and had less intellectual inventions- saying something about their education. All Athenian boys were expected to get a great education, while Athenian girls were taught such things as weaving and cooking. The boys were expected to hold public office… the girls were expected to cook. Life’s not sounding so bad. Another reason I would rather be Athenian is because each yeah the Athenians would choose people for their public office by lottery- giving everyone a faire shot at holding office. And in what other Greek polis could we get the great word draconian. That was a joke. Plus, Athens had a golden age that would last over 30 years.

Besides all the reasons listed in the last paragraph, sometimes a factor of interest just kicks in. What American wouldn’t want to go back in time and see what Abe Lincoln was like as president. Or Thomas Jefferson, or even George Washington? Well what about the rule of Athenian general Pericles. What did that Golden Age look like? Just imagine this: A city burned by Persians to be rebuilt into a beautiful, but simple polis.

We are lovers of beautiful, yet simple in our tastes, and we cultivate the mind without the loss of manliness. – Pericles

Some people (not me) actually pride themselves on being front runners. Wouldn’t you have loved to been there for the glory, and the celebration after the victory at Marathon? (Short paragraph, but it made a point)

While the Delian league failed, and eventually brought the end of Athens as we known it, the Spartans trying to rule on the rest of the city-states was short lived, and half-assed. And while Draco’s reign was probably not half-assed, it was surely short live. And the rest of the tyrants in order would go onto: improve the economy, gave land to those who did not have it, and established a democracy.

To get back to what I was talking about before, as a conclusion—just to explain my essay a little further. There is a simple factor of interest that plays into about 60- 65 percent of my decision. Which would I have more INTEREST in being? Spartan or Athenian. This is why I chose Athenian. People say going into war they would like to die for their country. Frankly, I wouldn’t mind being killed by Draco. So, it retrospect for what it should have been about this may not have been the greatest paper ever on Athenians vs. Spartans and which you would rather be, but it is infect a personal decision based on interest on which I would rather be.

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