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Obesity Prevention In American Indian Schoolchildren:The Pathways Study Essay, Research Paper

Wednesday, 8:30 am – 10:00 am

Session 3007

Obesity Prevention in American Indian Schoolchildren:

The Pathways Study

Moderator: Mary Story

8:30 Introduction

8:35 Pathways: A Participatory Research Approach to Preventing Obesity in American Indian Schoolchildren – S. Davis; T. Clay; J. Eklund; J. Gittelsohn; S. Going; P. Snyder

8:50 School-Based Physical Activity Program for Obesity Prevention in American Indian Schoolchildren: The Pathways Study – S. Going; L. Metcalfe; J. Schoenberg; M. Smyth; J. Altaha; K. Booth; E. Stone

9:05 Pathways: An American Indian Obesity Prevention Curriculum for Schoolchildren – V. Arviso; M. Symth; S. Davis; L. Metcalfe; R. Brice; J. Anliker; E. Stone; J. Altaha; J. Reed; B. Holy Rock

9:20 Pathways School Food Service Intervention – P. Snyder; L. Cunningham Sabo; J. Anliker; J. Weber; J. Altaha; R. Alsenay; A. Chamberlain; K. M. Conti; J. Hurley; P. Livermont; L. Nielsen; H. Platero; D. Rasmussen

9:35 Family Participation in a School-Based Obesity Prevention Study: The Pathways Study – T.E. Clay; H. Flint-Wagner; L. Kinney; M. Story

9:50 Discussion

Sponsors: Amerian Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian Caucus

and Food and Nutrition Section

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