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Questions and answers

Ask the seller a question (You must login to ask or answer questions posted.)

Can you please advise on ability to break-down for shipping and subsequent re-assembly. Not sure I need all of it but perhaps a trillion pebbles and I can on-sell the balance (for a dollar a 'throw'). Does it run on batteries or is it self-propelling (gravity)? clax (60 ) 1:58 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Dear reader, happy for you to break down on site, but please mind the furniture. Rocky is self propelled, likes to rock and roll and is looking for a new roll! 2:12 pm, Mon 28 Feb

I assume the house comes with Rocky? It's just that it is such a nice display stand, so it would be a shame to separate the two! scott2ride (66 ) 1:59 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Happy to consider the house as part of the package, it is currently hillside but if you wait long enough mother nature may bring it further down the valley. 2:13 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Does it come with an instruction manual? Well done Phil - Your guys are doing a fantastic job helping everyone. You should be very proud of your team. kaysees (173 ) 2:10 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Since when do you need an instruction manual for a male rock? He has simple needs, such as a weekly "roll in the hay", a moss trim once a month and an annual visit to the rocktor :-) Thanks for your support K - yes indeed they are a wicked team :-) 2:16 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Seller Comment: Oh and BTW: his favourite radio station is of course.........wait for it...........wait for it...........THE ROCK!!! 2:17 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Does his drug habit cause any problems? Though I guess being permanently stoned may keep him calm! scott2ride (66 ) 2:40 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Drug habit? What drug habit? This is one very straight rock buddy! 3:15 pm, Mon 28 Feb

The photography is brilliant and use of light amazing do you have formal training? Also does Rocky have siblings ?I need a matching pair. markwgw (4 ) 3:21 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Thanks for that feedback, as a matter of fact Rocky does have a couple of brothers that are waiting up the back of our place. Must credit the photo to my neighbour who is a damn good man that is as handy with a camera as he is with a bottle of gin. 3:55 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Hi Phil, the rock looks awfully shiny are you sure it has not been pre-owned? kincare (64 ) 3:23 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Nope - just the one owner for the last 65 million(ish) years. 3:56 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Would love to buy rocky but unfortunately we just don't have the room for him. Great auction. blacktootH2 (57 ) 3:36 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Thanks for looking - spread the word if you can :-) 3:57 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Not to be a killjoy, or anything, but, wouldn't it have been better to have built on top of Rocky, rather than under him? Seriously, though, good luck with the auction, you deserve some light relief in your lives. pge (104 ) 4:05 pm, Mon 28 Feb

haha thanks for your support :-) 4:25 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Hilarious, you rock! msmary (69 ) 4:20 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Rocky says thanks, he thinks he is pretty cool as well. 4:26 pm, Mon 28 Feb

What sort of council permits do you need to have?? I'm sure there must be some :-) milo134 (25 ) 4:20 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Yep - you need a 4017 form filled out in triplicate. This is called an "Application for homing a large rock". This form must then be taken to at least 6 council offices to be approved by 6 different departments and then into ECAN for environmental approval. Once complete you must apply to the SPCR (society for protection of rocks) for a housing permit. For a small fee I can help you with this :0( 4:29 pm, Mon 28 Feb

My 3yo little princess has nearly worn out her pet rock. Could you please advise an estimated shipping cost to Auckland. Cheers, and good luck with the auction. techguy2 (232 ) 4:25 pm, Mon 28 Feb

May I be so bold as to ask what she has been doing with it? Cost to Auckland.....hmmmm what do you prefer - airfreight or normal parcel post? 4:31 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Hi Phil, I assume that Rocky has been House Trained?? Good Luck with your Auction, an excellent idea! r.a.proctor (1508 ) 4:42 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Yep, fully house trained. Although due to his size things can get a little testy if he is in a hurry! 4:45 pm, Mon 28 Feb

OMG his pink batts are showing LOL over.rated (126 ) 4:54 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Brilliant :-) 5:24 pm, Mon 28 Feb

This is a serious question . . . what was Rocky's previous job, before he became a Landscape Feature? athena2 (390 ) 4:56 pm, Mon 28 Feb

He was a top rock star of course :-) 5:26 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Hi, Great to see you did not loose your sense of humor in the quake! best of luck with this auction and a huge hug from all of us here up in Auckland feeling totally useless unable to physically help. XXXXXX quickenden1 (5664 ) 4:59 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Thanks buddy. Appreciate the support - moral, financial, spiritual or whatever you can give. We are a tough bunch down here, especially Rocky! 5:28 pm, Mon 28 Feb

That'll buff out i reckon wickywa (45 ) 5:03 pm, Mon 28 Feb

yeah - me too. not sure what floor polish to use though. 5:29 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Hi Phil, I live in Australia. Most of the rocks here are very old so a strong, young, volcanic boulder like him would do really well here. I'm mean he's no Uluru but with some training and plenty of bbqs and beers he could soon be a giant among rocks. Maybe even play for the Tahs. Any chance you could give him a push down toward Lyttelton Harbour cos me and Trev could bring the tinny over and pick him up from there. cheers gw grunta108 (new ) 5:21 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Jeeze GW, he's good mate but I am not sure about the Tahs just yet. I'm just trying to enROLL him into Sumner Seniors for this season. Plus, haven't you already got a Rocky playing for the Tahs? 5:33 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Gidday Phil, I was scratching my head trying to think of something funny to post on your auction but theres nothing funny about losing your home. In saying that good on ya for doing this and putting some perspective back into our lives... Love to catch up with you and shout you a beer or two, yes you heard right, my shout!! Cheers John gebs (350 ) 5:25 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Thanks big fella. Sorry about the ECAN comment :-) And yep I'll take you up on that beer (or 5) :-) 5:35 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Brilliant auction.I wish you all the best. I bet that big boy gatherers no moss * hums the theme tune from Rocky * smoocher (1253 ) 5:27 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Actually, I do have a photo of him getting Stallone's autograph! Sly was bowled over :-) 5:36 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Did you invite him in or did he just bould on through no invitation, did you feel a lill boulded when he just made his appearance. t.gypsy (17 ) 5:35 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Trust me, when you stand 2m tall, 2m wide and 3.5m long you don't need an invitation. 5:37 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Well done what a hilarious auction!!! I am now a huge fan of Rocky! Good luck with the fundraising :) tja12 (31 ) 5:36 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Cheers :-) 5:38 pm, Mon 28 Feb

I'm pretty good for rocks at the moment but you don't happen to have a liquifaction water-feature for sale do you? I could do with silty whirlpool at my front gate to keep the undesirables out. battgirl (256 ) 5:43 pm, Mon 28 Feb

I wish, I wish I wish I had one of those as well 8:59 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Way to blame the the Earthquake Phil...Awesome....Wish i'd thought of that when MY missus threw stones at me inside...mind you my missus is more accurate than yours by the looks..... romajeto (23 ) 5:43 pm, Mon 28 Feb

haha :-) 9:21 pm, Mon 28 Feb

OMG this is a long lost relative of my friend Shale, he says to tell everyone..He ain't HEAVY, he is my brother....Awesome auction! :) fragglerock73 (118 ) 5:53 pm, Mon 28 Feb

went to see the Hollies with Rocky when they were last in chch, his fav song outside eye of the tiger 9:21 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Great auction Phil. Awesome to see that even when a kiwi is stuck between a 'rock and a hard place' there can still be a silver lining. Hope you and family are okay mate. All the best for the auction :-) mckinleydavid (38 ) 6:13 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Thanks mate. Appreciate your support. 9:03 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Absolutely priceless! Any chance that whoever wins the auction might start up a fan club for The Incredible Rocky. For a small fee we could all join and maybe get an email certificate as proof of membership. It would be affordable for everyone and you could raise thouands more after the initial auction. GOOD LUCK GUYS! YOU'RE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XXXXXXXXXXX dollmakernz (207 ) 6:20 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Now thats a damn good idea. 9:04 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Brilliant!! All the best with the auction flossy36 (531 ) 6:27 pm, Mon 28 Feb

fanks 9:22 pm, Mon 28 Feb

How much will the courier cost be? peter148 (194 ) 6:31 pm, Mon 28 Feb

well I reckon 25 ton x the going rate = OMG calculator has run out of zeros! 9:06 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Top Rock Star you say was that with the Hillside Band??? funkykiwi (426 ) 6:47 pm, Mon 28 Feb

how did u guess that? u seen him in action? 9:23 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Was he originally the Star in Rocky Horror Picture Show? If so can I get his autograph before he is shipped out again? Best of luck with the auction and in getting a new home, thoughts and prayers with you all. odin5 (112 ) 6:48 pm, Mon 28 Feb

funny you should say that.....he does like amateur dramatics 9:07 pm, Mon 28 Feb

please can you provide some measurements? need to make sure it wont be too much of a focal point in our lounge room puggy13 (36 ) 7:04 pm, Mon 28 Feb

hmmm - 2.5m high, 2m wide and 3.5m long - in other words humungous! 9:08 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Rocky rocks and so do you. Best of luck with your auction. l.e (174 ) 7:40 pm, Mon 28 Feb

thanks heaps 9:29 pm, Mon 28 Feb

great auction but i must query the "new" labelling. . .i'm sure that rock is thousands of years old. . .and as for previous owners. . .a dinosaur could have used it as an ottoman. . .laughing in the face of adversity- good on you, good luck! nik-nak (104 ) 7:45 pm, Mon 28 Feb

fair call - he is about 60 million years old - but he is still new to me 9:10 pm, Mon 28 Feb

YO ADRIEN!!! IM HOME WHAS FOR DINNER!! rocky728 (1 ) 7:50 pm, Mon 28 Feb

its the eye of the tiger, its the cream of the fight.... 8:27 am, Tue 1 Mar

lol i haven't stopped giggling for a long while, you have got such an awesome sense of humor in such a time for you a your family, Rocky is now famous in England, Canada and New York state. If you ever in Timaru think a few beers would be on the agenda, Keep strong. welderman (308 ) 8:04 pm, Mon 28 Feb

thanks buddy...appreciate the support and the beer :-) 9:20 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Was he training for his next movie and slipped? crustykev (6 ) 8:05 pm, Mon 28 Feb

you got it 9:25 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Hey, what is Rocky's surname, because if he is who I think he is, he's a chip of the old block! rudyve (26 ) 8:09 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Balboa of course :-) 9:40 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Can you please post some more photos of Rocky from all sides? It wouldn't be too much trouble to turn him over would it? tallglass (10 ) 8:30 pm, Mon 28 Feb

would love to - but for the police cordon :-) 9:36 pm, Mon 28 Feb

told you not to throw rocks at the neighbors.......... moneyman6 (78 ) 8:37 pm, Mon 28 Feb

bloody hell - wish I could mate 9:41 pm, Mon 28 Feb

fantastict i have been looking for a rocky for years to mate with my rockett any possibility of just having a loan of him for a while that is of course if he dosent fetch a rockspectable price. We have a loving home at" bed rock" he will be well feed I asume he likes rock cakes ?of course. We have a lovely rock garden he can play in with rockett and it goes with out saying he will have a place of his own for schist etc.looking forward to hearing from you grey wacky imaweka (8 ) 8:48 pm, Mon 28 Feb

No probs - there is a "stud rock" fee though. he needs a bit more than a rock garden though - he is a big boy 9:26 pm, Mon 28 Feb

was this your house? hope all okay! entertradement1 (21 ) 8:55 pm, Mon 28 Feb

yep - it WAS my house! 9:28 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Is Rocky house trained? Cheers hqholdengirl (90 ) 9:08 pm, Mon 28 Feb

sure is - requires a VERY big dirt box though 9:34 pm, Mon 28 Feb

I am currently building a glacier as part of my backyard tribute to Antarctica, how much of a face lift would rocky need to look like ice? eaudelune (9 ) 9:28 pm, Mon 28 Feb

quite a bit. would take a whole lot of white paint you know 9:33 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Hey Phil, love your work but am not sure I could handle rocky in person, he is extremely photogenic tho - would you consider putting another auction up with a buy now of $50 for the digital image photo ? I could put him on my wall eegam (68 ) 9:46 pm, Mon 28 Feb

yep - although you do get your photo taken with him if you win - and he is charming in person 9:47 pm, Mon 28 Feb

This is so much better than the washing machine sale from a while ago. Well done for bringing a smile to our faces at such a sad time. I owe you a beer too! elegance20d (41 ) 9:48 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Fanks :-) 8:24 am, Tue 1 Mar

adriannnnnnnnnnnnnnn nylon (682 ) 10:06 pm, Mon 28 Feb

don't poooosh me :-) 8:24 am, Tue 1 Mar

Is the rock well behaved or a 'gate crasher' ? dpan (88 ) 10:17 pm, Mon 28 Feb

he has impeccable manners - just a wee bit stubborn when asked to move 8:26 am, Tue 1 Mar

This is gorgeous lol all the best with your home hope you get 1m for Rocky goodluck gizago2 (171 ) 10:18 pm, Mon 28 Feb

so do I - thanks for your support 8:27 am, Tue 1 Mar

Thank god you have found my pet rock!!! I have been looking for her everywhere and by the way her name is Wanda. I am really sorry about this as she does tend to get a little excited when the ground shakes and as you can see likes to roll around to peoples houses!! She is very affectionate and loves people. Normally scratches at the door for attention but obviously this time she got a little carried away. I do apologise for the mess and she sure is hell is in trouble when she gets home!! gonzo13 (4 ) 10:26 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Noooooooooo - its not Wanda - Rocky has man rock bits!!!! 8:29 am, Tue 1 Mar

Is Rocky prepared to commit to a "stable" relationship or is he the sort that takes off when things get shakey? cmw1 (183 ) 10:36 pm, Mon 28 Feb

he was very unstable a week ago, but thanks to trauma support and a few martinis (shaken not stirred) he is bearing up. 8:32 am, Tue 1 Mar

Hi Phil, have you trained him? To sit? Roll over? Oh and have you got a leash so I can take him for walks or do I need to buy one myself? Haha you are great and so is your cult pet rock! jonomuso (99 ) 10:49 pm, Mon 28 Feb

I could handle the sit bit - will leave the roll over command to you :-) 8:33 am, Tue 1 Mar

Is Rocky related to Rocky Ponting? I don't think it's a coincidence that they're both pretty good bowlers... sck19 (9 ) 11:31 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Well some bloke wanted him for the Warratahs so I think maybe rocky Elsom. 8:33 am, Tue 1 Mar

Love it!!! ...Does it come in RED & BLACK? ... (Good on ya! Keep up the good work... All the best & stay safe) vixelpix (2 ) 11:32 pm, Mon 28 Feb

HELL YES!!!!!! 8:34 am, Tue 1 Mar

We have a 'natural water' feature that mades it's own entrance too recently and I wonder if she has been influenced by Rocky on making such an unannounced arrival? I think Rocky would look perfect sitting below the our water feature surrounded by some liquidfaction! It could be a memorial to Christchurch! On a more serious note I think you need to have a wee 'chat' to Rocky about his behaviour and his affect on others! (Awesome Auction ;) ) needmoretime (199 ) 11:43 pm, Mon 28 Feb

Thanks and I hope you guys are all okay. 8:34 am, Tue 1 Mar

Hey- do you think you should make this 'to approved home only'? there are people out there who would not know how to look after a magnificent rock like this- he might end up at the RSPCR- abandoned. Good on ya mate f4turtles (285 ) 11:47 pm, Mon 28 Feb

yeah - I am starting to get concerned about some of the "candidates" appearing here. However, the Rockster is a pretty good judge of character - after all he picked us! 8:36 am, Tue 1 Mar

I am a single woman and would like to know if Rocky is interested in a serious relationship. He has some traits of my ex, e.g no personality, stoned all the time, sits on his arse and does nothing and I guarantee the tv remote is under him somewhere. This makes me believe that him and I could enter into a rock-solid relationship. Also do we have to trim his moss or do you think he could handle been waxed?? maid4pleasure (159 ) 1:48 am, Tue 1 Mar

Hahaha - Brilliant - come on gents - is there a reply to this? 8:37 am, Tue 1 Mar

You rock! Rocky rocks! Christchurch rocks!!!! But seriously . . . I'm guessing that Rocky's favourite music is . . . . Rock and Roll? kiwidelight (783 ) 2:41 am, Tue 1 Mar

Actually - eye of the tiger by survivor 8:38 am, Tue 1 Mar

what is rocky like with with liquefaction? has he been socialized with liquefaction? familia1 (299 ) 6:43 am, Tue 1 Mar

I would say no - he is not a big drinker 8:38 am, Tue 1 Mar

Can I just say you are so awesome and hilarious, hope you and your family are ok. Good luck for the auction and your future. Cath - Rolleston laurenmia (86 ) 8:15 am, Tue 1 Mar

Thanks Cath - we are ok and as you can se very, very,very, very lucky. So humour seems appropriate in this circumstance. 8:39 am, Tue 1 Mar

Mate, that rocks's a female. Look at the facts man. At the start she really bowled you over, knocked you for six I reckon. I bet she made a lot of noise when she came eh? Then it when downhill and things began to fall apart. Now of course, she's taken half your house and you're subject to a restraining order. And she needs to go on a diet... bobs_bits (56 ) 8:26 am, Tue 1 Mar

Superb mate, just superb - let the war of the sexes begin :-) 8:41 am, Tue 1 Mar

thanks for those extra photos - we were about to bid as we think 'Rocky' just looks SOOOOO cute but I can't believe that digging he does in your back yard! How can you stand all that dirt?! Sorry, no room for such a bad rock at our place (well trained pets don't normally make such a mess you know...) elloello (26 ) 9:38 am, Tue 1 Mar

thanks for that - cute was not a word that sprang to mind when I first saw him, but he has grown on us. As I have said before, he does need a large litter tray. 9:57 am, Tue 1 Mar

You know, now you come to mention it, although she has put on a few pounds ... she used to work the red light district, thats definitely Rocksanne eegam (68 ) 9:45 am, Tue 1 Mar

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