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Decartes Essay, Research Paper

Decartes Extra Credit

Decartes is right on his existing hypothesis. His hypothesis stes that if a

being thinks than they exist. If this theory was tried to be proven false it would be

contradictory, thus proving it true. Decartes point in sayin gthat one exists if they

are decieved, is that in order to be able to manipulate something enough to decieve

it, it must exist. Aperson could not be wrong or doubt the fact that htye exist,

because by doing this it proves thier existence. In oreder to think about and make

a desicion on ones existence, on emust ruely exist. The evil demon thus could

never decieve a person about their existence with out contradicting themself,

which would in turn become a proof fro existence.

Many things could follow the proposition that ?I exist.? After proving ones

existence one may then wonder and try to prove what exactly is the person called I.

What makes you unique or who are you? After that one might try and figure out

where exactly a person exists. What is the exact location in which they exist?

Once proving that you exist is the easy part the occurances that folow is the hard


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