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Gun Control In Ca Essay, Research Paper

Firearm regulation has had little effect in decreasing the violence in California. Laws were passed to restrain in the rising percentages of violence. One example of such a law is the Brady Bill. The bill was passed in 1993 and enforced a fifteen-day waiting period for firearm purchases. Due to the passing of gun control laws in the state of California, a lot of controversy has risen because many citizens consider being able to carry a firearm a part of their legal. Ironically, restriction on firearms is not the right law to pass because; it increases the violence rather than decreasing it. Rapid increases of violence between the years of 1994-1997 clearly demonstrated how people were able to slip through the legal requirements of purchasing a firearm.

Obtaining a gun can be done with such ease because dealers sell them to just about anyone in order to make a profit. It seems as if every time a law is passed people always find ways to obtain a firearm either legally or illegally, resulting in gun violence. The laws that have been passed and enforced in California have not stopped the violence on our streets. Ironically, each time a new law was passed the percentages of violence arose. When the Brady Bill was

passed in 1993, it resulted in an increase of both crime and homicidal violence. The rapid increase of violence between 1994-1997 proved the Brady bill had no effect in stopping the violence. Even though the bill was passed it only resulted in a fifteen day waiting period that had no real effect on stopping the violence on the streets. I believe the waiting period only stopped the violence from occurring until the person who was purchasing the gun received it. Either way people always find ways to obtain objects such as firearms without going through all the legal requirements.

The right to bear arms has been a part of the U.S. history dating back to the signing of the Constitution amendments. Many people are not too ecstatic when a gun control law is passed because the government is taking away their civil rights. Having the right to carry a gun has always been a part of this country s heritage because carrying a gun in the mid 1800 s is as common as carrying a wallet now. During the mid 1800 s many people died due to gun quarrels. There were numerous deaths caused by guns in the 1800 s, but no one ever thought to pass a law. I know there have been a lot of changes these past 150 years, but why put a law on something that takes away our civil right? It seems as if each time our civil rights are tampered with a great deal of controversy erupts because Americans hate it when their rights are being taken away from them. Whether there is a firearm law or not people will always find a way to get a hold of a firearm. Even though gun control laws are passed, the violence on the streets still remains the

same. The fifteen-day waiting period of purchasing a handgun in California did not make much of a difference in reducing the crime on our streets because many people still found other ways in obtaining a firearm. Yet as laws are passed, the violence on the streets remains even though it may be on hold for fifteen days.

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