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Legalization Of Marijuana Essay, Research Paper

As I take back a step and look at all the wrong that encompasses our world, the one

thing that sticks out to me the most is the problems that we have with drugs. Drugs flow

through our country like water does in a river and they don’t seem to cease. One of the most

highly abused drugs, marijuana, has become the foremost stimulant leading to harder and

deadlier drugs. What makes this case even worse is the fact that people have formed groups

with the sole purpose of legalizing this drug. With all the things people waste their time on, I

believe this one tops them all. I am clearly against the legalization of all drugs because as

research has shown, marijuana effects the human body in only negative ways.

To begin, marijuana has been proven to burn the chemicals in the brain which relate

to thinking habits and patterns, self esteem, and relationship traits. John Weber, author of

High Times magazine that promotes marijuana, says that even though marijuana can be

used to make manufactured materials and to help slow the spreading of the aids virus, the

drug still has the ability to negatively alter the way the brain functions. This alone should

keep people away from using this drug. In the same magazine, statistics show that there is a

60% decline in grades at the high school and college level. Marijuana also effects the body

as well as the mind. The preferred saying is that smoking one joint is equivalent to smoking

one whole pack of cigarettes at a time. The smoke intake from a joint will normally cause

the lungs of a human to become so overwhelmed that one might not be able to breath

properly causing a great deal of coughing. Also, the chemicals in the drug cause the body to

slow in the growing process, not allowing for a fully developed person neither physically or

mentally. What I believe the drug does best is attract users to other drugs. It is proven that

70% of the people that use marijuana will either drink alcohol or use stronger drugs. What

should be of some concern is that there are people fighting to legalize a drug whose side

effects lead to low grades, self esteem, a poor personality, and not to forget the desire to try

new things, including more harmful drugs.

The bottom line is that the drug is extremely harmful and can cause serious defects in

the human nature. The ideas that marijuana can provide us with an alternative to using trees

for paper and that it can help aids victims live longer is great. I am all for it. What I don’t

agree with is that it should be legalized, in order to be used for recreational times. I can say

from my own experience that this drug will not be a good choice for recreation. Sadly, I

have experienced just what this drug can do. When I was using marijuana, I became a cold

and stubborn person. I didn’t want to associate with people, my grades dropped immensely

in school, I found myself being lazy, and my attitude towards life in general became piss

poor. I was a frequent user, had a lot of fun, but watched two years of my life go down the

drain. Because I did this drug I lost friendships, trust in my family, and the respect of some

of my most admired peers. I fell into the trap and had to dig my way back out, rebuild my

life, and start afresh. When I am asked if it was worth it, I can always say no way!

In conclusion, I would like to leave you with a few lasting thoughts. First, would

you want your kid, if you have one, using this drug? Would you like to see bags of

marijuana in grocery stores or gas stations, sitting there for anyone in the general public to

buy? Second, how would you like wonder to what drug would be legalized next? Finally,

what do you think would happen to our great country if the most abused illegal drug became

as popular as cigarettes? Look how far along alcoholic beverages have come. It could

happen, but lets hope not!

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