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What Is The Meaning Of Challenge? Essay, Research Paper

What is the meaning of challenge? The denotative meaning of challenge is “a calling into quesion.” For the challenges that our society experiences everyday, I think we should look upon them as a page in a never ending story. The severe encounter that has left an impring on my life is death. On June 2, 1999, I received a phone call late that evening informing me that my friend had flown home. He did not fly away by and airplane but by wings that carried him. Death was unexplainable to me, so I received guidance on how to grow from this dissolution. Without the help of my therapist I do not think I would have been able to defeat the fear of being left alone. Knowing that death is unpredictable previously scared me, but now I see it as a chance to live everyday to the fullest. I know that I will be able to overcome any predicament that is laid before me. Losing someone dear to me has opened my eyes to see the world. The day that I graduate form my high school is anouther big step of being away from those that I love. The biggest challenge for me entering college is not being able to have my mother and father there to hold me when times get tough. It is going to be that same feeling of being all alone. For eighteen years I have had someone next to me to hold my hand through good and bad times. Come August I am going to be taking a large step towards my future and a chapter in my life when I am going to have to answer my own questions. My parents, my therapist, and God have taught me the neccessities that I need to know for my future and when I leave for school I am going to have to use my teachings to help me understand and cope with everyday experiences. Shirley MacLaine said, “The pain of leaving those you grow to love is only the prelude to understanding yourself and others.” This quote is more that just a sentence in a book, it goes deep inot each individual’s thought. No one can teach you how to feel loss, you have to experience it.

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