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Violence In Media Essay, Research Paper

1. From developing the family tree of the three generations I learned a lot about

them. My parents were the source of this information about the three generations. I

didn’t really know much about them. Based on my gathered information from my parents

I think that my information is accurate. The reason why I didn’t ask my other relatives is

because they live abroad and also because I don’t get along with some of my relatives. I

was really satisfied with the results that I got from my parents.

2. From my dad’s side I found out that my grandfather had high blood pressure that

resulted in sudden heart attack. I also found out that my grandmother was diagnosed

with high blood pressure, Diabetes, and also Breast Cancer. From my mom’s side her

dad had high blood pressure and also Gout. My mom’s mom also has diabetes and high

blood pressure. From looking at all these illnesses I see high blood pressure in my


3. The health condition that most likely to show up in the family is due to air

pollution. It’s because the environment where my family used to live in. India is a really

populated and also polluted country where it is a great risk to the population to inherit

the polluted gases which causes air pollution. So asthma is one of the main illness in my

country due to air pollution.

4. I know that high blood pressure is the main illness in my family. The specific

health change that I want to make in my family is the blood pressure. I will do it by

cutting down on salt and fatty foods like Ghee. I want my family to cut down on the

consumption of high cholesterol foods.

5. This assignment made me learn more about my family background and the health

risks that evolve around my family. I also learned a lot about how I can make changes in

my family because my family has a history of high blood pressure and diabetes.

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