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Green Mile Essay, Research Paper

The Green Mile was about a murder of two girls. When the

father is told by the mother that the 2 little girls are missing,

he gets a whole crowwd together to look for the little girls. They

find the girls in the arms of a huge black man (I had to add the

about the color of his skin because this part of the story takes

place in the 30’s and we all know how strong racism was back then).

We later find that the man’s name us John Coffey. (Just like the

drink but not spelled the same.)

They take John to jail and everyone is impressed by how large

he is. He has huge muscles and he towers over everone. The guard in

charge of the green mile goes into the cell that John Coffey is in

and removes the cuffs from John’s hands. The guard notices that John

is very gentle and very kind, and that he has something very

special. So for the first couple days The guard watched John

carefully, he caused no trouble and John was also quiet.

In the first few weeks, they got another prisoner, his name

was Wild Bill.Wild Bill was in-fact very wild, he even tried to

attack the guards while he was coming in.

In the end we all find out that Wild Bill killed (murdered)

the two little girls that John Coffey had been convicted of killing.

John however, still was sentenced to death. At 11:30 pm the next

day John Coffey walked down the green mile. John was placed in the

electric chair (ol’ sparky) and they placed the mask over his head

John told the guard to take off the mask because he was afraid of

the dark, and he didnt want to die in the dark. So the guard took

off the mask, then placed the wet sponge on his head, they pulled

the hood down and put that over top of the wet sponge.

The guard yelled “Roll on 2″ and they pulled the lever.

John Coffey was dead. The guards were so sad they cried, some of

them quit just because if that incident. They knew he was innocent

but they couldent do anything about it.

I think that the books were sad, and very heart pounding.

It was sad when they found that he was innocent but still couldent

do anything to stop him from being executed. The mouse was pretty

cool, and then Del was executed and that was sad. The movie was set

up completely different from the books. The movie was pretty cool,

the actors really gave it there all in it. The movie was dramatic,

and somewhat funny, My friend cried at the end (but she crys at

every movie) and I didnt (I never cry at an end of a movie). So I

did enjoy it.

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