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Process Essay

I have found an effective way of getting ready in the morning that saves me time.

I am going to share this information with my friend Stephanie. The order in which I get

ready in the morning is as follows: I eat, I brush my teeth, I wash my face, I get dressed,

I brush my hair, and I put on my makeup.

The first thing I do when I get up is eat breakfast. I normally have Cocoa Puffs,

but some times I have Chicken and Dumplings. After breakfast, I brush my teeth with

Colgate Whitening toothpaste; I brush the top, front, and bottom teeth twice. I then put

on Arm & Hammer Baking Soda Anti-Perspirant deodorant. Then I wash my face with

Estee Lauders’ One Great Soap face soap. I start at my lips moving to my nose, and then

the rest of my face. After I rinse my face I dry my face I start to get


First I pull off my pajamas. Next I put on my socks, the left one first then

the right. Following my socks I put my jeans on, both legs at once. I then put on my

shoes, right then left. I put on my shirt which is always 100% cotton. Now that I’m

dressed it is time to fix my hair.

I pull my hair up using three clips, a big one and two small ones, all made by

Goody. The big clip holds the majority of my hair, while the two smaller ones hold down

my fly away wings. I do not use hair spray. Once I have finished my

hair, I can do my makeup.

My makeup is the last step in getting ready. I use and apply it in this order;

Lancome black eye liner, Estee Lauder’s Blush All Day, Natural Cheek color03

Rosemarble, Lancome black Magnificils mascara, Estee Lauders’ Minute Makeup 12

Buff, and finally Lancome Rouge Sensation Metallique lip stick.

Well, that is the way I get ready in the morning. If you follow all of my

steps, they might help you time wise. I know it helps me keep my life on schedule. It

probably helps many people when they have a pattern.

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