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There Be Aboriginal Self-Government in Canada/United States of America?

The question that is brought up is not that of sex, but it is that of

aboriginals in Canada. The question that is asked is should there be an

aboriginal self-government? If the government were to go ahead and give

the natives there own government they would be losing money and would most

likely have angry taxpayers after their asses for the rest of there sorry

political lives. The government would also have to deal with a swarm of

Quebecans that would be harassing them because of their decision to give

the natives their own government, because of their 1995 appeal to separate

from Canada. The Quebecans would believe that if the natives get what they

want, they should also get what they want. That would mean that Quebec

would separate from Canada and create their own nation. However, if the

government refrained from processing the natives request of obtaining a

self-government, the government would be saving a lot of money and would

also be treating everyone in Canada as equals and not just giving what

they want because they have different color skin or different ethnic origins.

Issues brought up on creating an aboriginal self-government are very important

in the future of the Canadian government. I feel that if the government

created self-government for the natives, the government would be spending

too much money. The decision would cause the natives to become way too

greedy. And also that there is probably a little racism going on amongst

the government.

To carry on, giving the natives their own self-government has a worthy

advantage. That advantage being that when the government eventually processes

the native’s request of self-government, they will once and for all have

the natives off their back. At least they’ll think that they will. Either

way the government will have to put up with the whining of the disrupted

natives. There is still a pretty good chance that the natives will leave

the government alone for a while. After the years of complaining and fighting,

the natives got what they want. Hopefully they’ll be happy with what the

government gave them and not fight for any more rights, because they have

enough already.

As mentioned in the first paragraph, giving the natives their own government

would cause the government of Canada to lose a lot of money that can be

used for other useful needs, such as spending the money on something more

useful, such as education, which there isn’t enough spent on. Maybe the

government could even think about putting some more money into health care

and give the less-fortunate people a chance to receive medical help when

needed instead of them not wanting to go a physician because of the amount

of money needed to attend one. The Canadian government is always complaining

about how they’re in debt and can’t afford to accomplish certain goals

they promised to achieve. Well I don’t see them turning down the request

to give the natives their own government, which will cost the government

a few dollars. The government should also maybe consider the fact that

there other things out in Canada that need capitol attention. The natives

are doing fine right now. There’s nothing wrong with the way they live.

Also, if this government succeeds, which it will, the natives will become

greedy and not take working and other things that us unfortunate, self-government-lacking

people, take for granted. When the natives receive their own government

they will most likely believe that they can get whatever they want and

when they want it from the government. They’ll probably think that why

should I work when I get everything from the government? Most of us non-native

people that don’t get treaty cheques, or half-price on tobacco, or even

don’t have to pay any taxes, have to work to get anywhere in this world.

Even if we do work as hard as we can, we still don’t receive the rights

that the natives receive. If yes is the government’s decision then the

natives will get everything they need and won’t have to work for it. So

in turn, there will be no natives in the work force, except for the ones

that don’t want to live a life of free money, excellent rights, and half-priced

tobacco and other products.

One last viewpoint is that I believe the government is being a tad racist

when dealing with this issue of aboriginal self-government. They expect

everyone to believe that they’re doing this for the native people because

of back in who knows when, when the natives willingly gave up their land

to the European settlers in Canada. There is no way that every non-native

Canadian is going to believe yet another lame excuse put out by the Canadian

government. I believe that the government is just giving the natives what

they want because they don’t want to be accused of being racist. Canada

is supposed have this image of a peaceful, non-violent, non-racist country

that is perfect in every way. Well Canada is pretty peaceful, but it sure

the heck isn’t non-violent or non-racist. The government just wants to

maintain that so-called “perfect” image, so they have to give the natives

whatever they want.

Finally, as stated many times before, the natives should not receive

their own government and that’s that. They should live their lives like

the rest of us non-native people do. They should have to work, pay full

price for products, pay taxes, and hunt in assigned hunting seasons. The

answer is obviously that they shouldn’t receive self-government. If they

want to have their have there own government then let them have it, but

make them pay taxes and do everything else like us non-native people have

to. Canada has always said to treat everyone equal, so how about the Canadian

Government lives up to what they say and stop being hypocritical.

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