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During the first century, or rather (1789-1812), there were many confrontations between the Seminoles and Americans. From trading with them to having a war with them, living on the same land meant there were going to interactions.

When the Seminoles first arrived in the state of Florida, there were very few Indians around. They knew if they wanted to stick around, they were all going to have to come together as one. That is how the Seminoles were formed. In order to preserve their welfare, they hunted, fished, farmed, and raised cattle. Luckily, they occupied the richest land in Florida. With the goods they had, they traded with the Spanish for coffee, sugar, and tobacco.

The Seminole tribe was a group of men who were fearless warriors. They vowed to never surrender until they could not fight any more. In addition, with their sense of morality, they believed that people shouldn?t be used as slaves. This belief led to many wars with the Americans. The Americans wanted to use the blacks as slaves, but the Seminoles would just free up the captured slaves each and every time. As a result, in the year of 1812, the Americans sent an army into the Seminole country. Villages were burned along with the herds of horses and cattle taken. It was an ongoing warfare till a treaty was completed in 1823. It guaranteed that the Seminoles would have a 4 million-acre settlement where they could live in peace.

With these interactions in mind, the Seminoles experience more negative feedback than positive. This led to them never accepting a friendship from a white man.

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