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The Power Of One Essay, Research Paper

A single person can change the world very much. It means that a man or woman can have so much courage, pride, confidence that they can help to make the world a better place to live in. One is very meaningful and significant. P.K. becomes a symbol of Christ by trying to make all the people respect each other. To not make people respect each other by their culture or color of skin, but by their content of their character. P.K. wants everyone to get along with each other. He tries to make the white people to get along with the black people so there will not be anymore prejudices. He tries to stop all the violence that’s going on. P.K. thinks that the black community should be allowed in the white community as partners and friends. P.K. helps the black community to learn english, to learn how to read and write properly. P.K. helps them because one day in the future the whites and blacks will join hands together and work together.

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