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The Effects of Divorce on Children

This paper was written regarding the psychological effects of divorce on children and was researched at www.savvypsych.com Child Custody Savvy: Psychological Issues . Divorce can be a boon or a burden to children of fighting parents. Much of this revolves around how the parents involve the child in the matter and how the parents relate to their children; parents that are open and honest with their children and minimalize the child s involvement in the divorce are likely to continue to sustain a healthy relationship with the child and foster his psychological and emotional development for the rest of his life. Trouble arises when parents use their children as weapons in a divorce, feeding them lies about the other parent or continually involving the child in unrelated matters that simply cause anxiety and stress in the child. In young children, who are still forming their own ideas and opinions, there is the danger that whatever their primary caregiver tells them will be assumed to be the truth. Older children can be sucked into playing the role of the caregiver or babysitter , feeling the need to support one or both parents emotionally and eventually have difficulty in disagreeing with anything the parents say. In both cases lasting damage can be caused, both in the child s personality development and in their relationship to the parents. In conclusion, the caring parents understand that divorce is an adult matter and that children should not be expected to understand it completely. Instead, they allow them to enjoy their time as children, with the results being a lasting bond and a healthy psyche.

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