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My father, Delroy Powell, always has been a very generous person. He gave of

himself very often. He did this for his family, his friends, his community, his church and

even to strangers.

My grandmother told me that my father has always been like that. She said in the

early years of his life, when he was just 4 years old to be exact, he was given a little piggy

bank by one of his uncles with two dimes in it. He was saving to buy a little bike. One

afternoon a woman and a small child rang the doorbell begging for food and clothing.

My grandmother, at the time, was a struggling single parent who could hardly make both

ends meet. She apologized to the woman and told her that she had nothing to give to her

and then as she turned to close the door, Delroy ran to the door with his little piggy bank

with the 2 dimes and handed it over to the woman. She was moved to tears.

My father spent many hours, when not volunteering at the local children s hospital,

building beautiful furniture items in his woodwork shop, which he would immediately give

to one of his children, grandchildren, friends, or neighbors. My father made our garden 5

times larger than he and my mom needed so that there would be plenty of vegetable for

other people living in our community.

Even more remarkable was my father s commitment to community and

church projects, which often benefit persons whom he had never met. I am amazed at the

number of persons from a variety of communities who were touched by his generous

nature. This reminds me that we all need to get out of our own little worlds every once

in a while and reach out to someone else.

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