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We are living in the age of Digital Revolution, which is swiftly starting to affect every aspect of our life. WebTV is replacing regular TV’s, radio stations are moving into broadcasting life-on-line. All business related operations are rapidly moving to the World Wide Web. Computers and networks are taking over our lives. Most of all future entertainment and commercial operations are now being modeled based on the development of computer technology. The market is opening for new digital, network driven economy. Our generation is getting more and more involved in doing vast amount of business on line as well as selling and buying products on the Web. Money has become a sequence of bits and bytes of electronic information. As following, payment for goods and services through electronic means has become an extension of electronic (online) commerce. Now, consumers are concerned with payment transaction made through the Internet.

At Brainstorming sessions in class we were discussing the latest concern of modern consumers-security of the on-line transactions such as credit or debit ones. During the session there were raised many interesting suggestions. Among them was an interesting proposal of Alexander Burman-

 Multiple encryption channels at single client-one for the transaction(SSL), the other(JAVA applet) to securely and independently transport PIN and use server-to-client download

I think it was a good idea and if well developed can be very helpful in order to secure on-line transactions. I did a little reseach on the subject and wasn’t able to find similar idea that was already implemented

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