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To Rent Or Not To Rent Essay, Research Paper

Renting a home to live in, rather than buying a home to live in is a much wiser decision. When renting a home you are able to have free maintenance, partially included utilities and the freedom to pack up and move at anytime you wish.

We all like the luxury of being waited on, especially if it is at no cost to us. With a rental home, if the plumbing fouls up, the roof starts to leak or some other untimely mishap, free maintenance is only a phone call away for the renters because the landlord is liable for repairs on his rental properties. Whereas, the unlucky home owners better have some deep pockets when something goes awry in their household. Because a home owner does not have the free maintenance that those who rent do. The only things the home owners get are maintenance expenses and some free headaches.

Partially included utilities are a real bonus for those who rent. Some rentals have both water and trash pick up paid by the landlord. That means two extra bills the renters need not to worry about. One can water his or her grass and take long showers without having the worry of having to look forward to a large water bill. While the one who owns their own home, has to be rather limited in their water use or else they may have to pay the high water bills.

Renting homes also has a nice freedom. When a person rents, they can always up and move with a written thirty day notice given to their landlord. For instance, what if the neighborhood starts to turn into a less desirable area for residing in? Like maybe the crime rate goes up or bothersome neighbors move in next door? Well then, the renter can look for another place in a more desirable part of town and move out of their rented home. On the other hand, if a person owns their home, they either have to deal with the unfavorable changes in the neighborhood or put their house up for sale. Hopefully they can sell their house in thirty days but most likely not; if they are real lucky they might even break even.

Home owners may think they have a piece of the American Dream . That is okay; let them think it. The people renting their homes are the ones with it all. They can call for free maintenance whenever needed, less utilities to worry about and the freedom to move from their residence at the drop of a hat. Wow, what a way to live!

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