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Bureaucracy is a type of administration that is characterized by specialization, professionalism, and having a secure place in office. When you have bureaucracy, there are common ways in which it functions. The ways in which it functions are that there are fixed areas with certain rules, or laws that are governed by an administration. The authority to give commands is given in a fair manner, which is distributed evenly within the set jurisdiction. Within the bureaucratic structure, you have an office hierarchical structure, where the higher office supervises the lower office. There is usually one person in charge of it all. This person must have a considerable amount of training, education, and many hours in the field. The person in charge does not have a job, but in other words a duty. The office stands behind, not a person like in the old days, but rather an idea such as a cultural belief, or standpoint. This person sometimes gets tenure for life, but not always, they also get a fixed salary that usually comes with an old age pension. This person usually starts at the bottom, and works his way up to the top of the positions, if not position wise, then up the salary ladder.

Bureaucracy has outlived any other way of setting things up is due to the speed, precision, unity, and knowledge of files that it brings with it. The true bureaucracy has no human emotions attached with it, such as love and hatred. These human emotions take away from the calculations that bureaucracy brings with it. The more that bureaucracy is dehumanized the better chance it has of it being successful. Once bureaucracy is set in place, it is one of the hardest to destroy, because it puts community action into place with societies actions. It is like a big chain reaction, when someone at the top puts something into motion, it has a rippling effect and is felt right down at the bottom of the chain. It works like a machine, if one part of the machine breaks down; it all needs to get fixed.

Bureaucracy promotes a rationalist way of life, and it believes in the having a long lasting effect on a higher institutions. Bureaucracy has made sure that schools have a sort of testing that will produce trained experts that is needed for modern bureaucracy. These newly trained professionals will be the help the way to make bureaucracy better, and more efficient for all of society.


1) Explain the ways in which bureaucracy is/has helped society.

2) In what ways has bureaucracy had an impact in your life?

3) Explain the negative effects of bureaucracy on society.

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