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In these chapters there is a young girl of 12 who has an unusual family well to me it s unusual because they don t call each other normal names like Stefanie or Brian they call her Morning Girl because she wakes up early, always with something on her mind. They used to call their son Hungry because he ate everything, then they were having a conversation and they were talking about the stars and bats and the father called him Star Boy and everyone felt that it fit him. I think I m like Star Boy because I m the youngest of my family and I am always bugging my brother and I eat a lot. But I don t think my brother is like Morning Girl because he likes to get up late and he s not the type that thinks about things that happen or has something on his mind- I am. I like the way this book has its chapters setup. They don t have names except Morning Girl or Star Boy. The way it works is every other chapter is named Morning Girl, which is from her view, and the others are called Star Boy, which are from his view. The first time I read this I didn t understand it but then in Star Boy s chapters he keeps saying my sister and in the Morning Girl chapters she says my brother. I think I like the Star Boy chapters the best because he s the youngest like me. Her mornings are much better than mine. She wakes up earlier than anybody and goes through the forest and climbs trees and she made a necklace for her mother and father but it was cool because she knows what happens she says, Mother would come outside first, see the necklaces, and go in to get Father. Then they would return to the doorway together, him rubbing his eyes and grumbling until he noticed what lay at his feet. Look at this, he would cry, as if he were completely surprised, and mother would press her hands together and say, How unusual! How well made! Where could these amazing necklaces have come from? Mother and Father would ask each other as they placed my [necklaces] around their necks. and that s exactly what happens.

Chapters 3-4

In these chapters

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