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Dress Codes in Schools

All public schools in America should have a relaxed dress code. Schools have many rules and guidelines. How students dress should not have to be included within those rules.

Many schools have relaxed dress codes. In these schools, students are able to wear the clothes they wish, just as long as their clothes are not offensive or too revealing. However many other schools have a strict dress code, in which the students must wear a white shirt with a collar and dress pants. In analysis of this topic, it becomes obvious why the relaxed dress code is more beneficial.

If schools allowed their students to dress as they wish, the students would perform better, because it is easier to work when one is more comfortable. In fact, strict dress codes can actually prevent students from performing to their full potential. Another good reason to have a relaxed dress code is because it is important to let students be free individuals. Letting students dress as they wish not only gives them a sense of freedom but also promotes their creativity.

Now some critics have said that strict dress codes are absolutely necessary because of abuse of former relaxed dress codes. They also point out that this abuse results in unnecessary disciplinary action. Yet I feel this is not true. Under most circumstances, students will use the correct judgement upon this subject. I feel it is not just to dictate all of the students lives based upon a few rare cases. On the other hand, a relaxed dress code would benefit the majority without harming the minority.

It is time for all schools to relax their dress codes. It may not have an immediate impact on the student body, but it is a step in the right direction. After all, direction is what the schools really need.

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