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The Taiming Of The Shrew-Character Analisis Essay, Research Paper

The Taming Of The Shrew

Character Analyses:

Katherine: She is called the shrew, even by her father. She is always put second in her fathers eyes, next to her sister. She alters dramatically from an ill mannered shrew to a obedient and happy wife when she discovers her husband cares enough to try to change her for her own good, as well as his own. The shrew is

not a shrew at all beneath the surface.

Petruchio: he is Katherine’s husband but he only marries her for her fathers money. During and after the wedding. His behavior seems very unreasonable, for example, he is late for the wedding, he carries his wife immediately afterwards, starves her, and keeps her from sleeping. But this all comes out in loving apparel. He is not exactly

Gentle, but he is exactly what Katherine needs.

Bianca: Apparently gentle in her behavior, she is a unkind sister and a disobedient wife. She has her fathers attitude of favoritism for herself and dislike for Katherine by playing the part of the victim. Ironically as it seams towards the end of the play, she is more of a shrew than her sister.

Lucentio: Is Bianca’s husband, devoted to her for obscure reasons. Both he and Bianca

are selfish in their love, they are a typical pair of immature lovers, they think only of themselves and each considers their own wishes before their beloved.

Baptista: He is the father of both Katherine and Bianca. He has much difficulty marrying both of them because of one being a notorious shrew. He ignores the question of his daughters’ happiness in seeking mates for them. In the case of Bianca, to make a good bargain and attain the highest possible financial concessions from the suitors and, in Kate’s case, simply to be rid of a problem child. He practically auctions off his favorite, offering her to whichever suitor will give the highest bid, without asking her. He will give Katherine to anyone who will take her off his hands.

Vincentio: Is Lucentio’s father, he is extremely fond of his son and is grief-stricken when he

discovers his son may have come to harm.

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