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Two years ago, after pondering on the effect of a black out in the airport with no back-up supply, I decided to embark on a project that would ensure the safety of the airplanes and their passengers with minimum input from the pilots. Therefore, I assumed that the planes are able to determine the positions of other planes using the Global Positioning Satellite, but have no radio communication with each other. This serves as a proof that the planes only require their positions to prevent collision. I simulated the paths of the airplanes using C++ and graphing software. In the simulation, I compelled all planes to travel within a circular path once they were within a certain radius from the airport. As I used a function with an inverse relationship between the force keeping the planes apart and the distance between each plane, I succeeded in avoiding collisions between planes that enter the orbit at the same altitude.

With advanced technological equipment today, aeronautical engineers can program this model into each aircraft. Therefore, when pilots find themselves in such a situation, with a push of a button the safety and security of airplanes and passengers would be assured.


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