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Great Expectations Essay, Research Paper

Rough Draft Essay

Shy, gentle, content, all words that describe Pip, the main character of Charles Dickens , Great Expectations. In time, this dynamic character s life would change incredibly, not all for the better. Pip s character would change from his shy, gentle, and content ways, to being discontent, greedy, and regretful.

Pip s family life, was very confusing. His sister, was a very strict women, she even scared Joe. I suppose that Joe and I were brought up by hand (Dickens 6) Pip was very content with his life and his dream was to become apprenticed under Joe in the forge. As time passed on, an old women by the name of Miss Havisham, called upon Pip to play with her. During Pip s visit to the Satis house, he encountered a beautiful girl by the name of Estella. After Estella told Pip that she thought of him as just a common boy, his perspective on life changed forever. Pip felt that unless he could be uncommon, he would not appeal to Estella s likings. He no longer wanted to b apprenticed by Joe.

As Pips life continued, he became to realize some of the mistakes he had made. He felt sorrow for the feelings he had toward his old home with Joe, and Biddy. Most of all, he was ashamed of himself that he had not visited Joe like he said he would. He promised that he would visit Biddy and Joe as often as possible, which resulted about two times throughout the book. One time due to the tragic passing of Mrs. Joe, resulting from the attack earlier inn the book.

As it is obvious to see, Pip s character in Great Expectations changes immensely. He started off as that little child that knew nothing more than beyond the forge. That all soon ended because of his inheritance. Pip s life would have been better, if he had never met Miss Havisham.

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