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Womens Rights Essay, Research Paper

The First Women?s Rights Movement

Was their fight successful? A group of women set out to make a point. A point that women don?t have to be dependent on men; that they can live their own lives with their own individual rights and beliefs. All these women wanted was a chance to live a life free of the constant pressures and contradictions. They felt a need to discover and experience new things.

While working on gaining these rights women developed friendships different than any other they had at the time. Women were touching each other on more of an emotional basis than ever before. They came together and shared experiences which they had never shared before, giving them a common reason to fight for women of their time. Through these relationships they not only rejoiced with each other, they taught each other as well. All women had different things to offer and they worked together to learn the proper ways to gain their independence. It was a fight for freedom, a battle for evolution of a race. We saw them grow smarter and stronger until their demands were met. These women only wanted one thing and couldn?t have that until the end of women?s suffrage came; freedom.

I enjoyed reading this because I guess that I came to see this movement as the start of a life, a new presence on this earth once ruled by hegemonic society. Expanding or societies to integrate more variety into our ways of life will provide us with new important ideals as to how to work together. AS these women did they learned how to work together, to cope with ones need and help them whenever needed. If everyone works as a team the final goal is won through the happiness of all. The Women?s Rights movement wasn?t just start of the women?s race, it was the start of the outsiders success. Women gained more than just their freedom along this trip; they started a way of life.


Mcrane, Jack. 1999. Review Of Rtap. 03 Jan. 2000

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