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The Procrastinator Essay, Research Paper

The Procrastinator

Jack! Stop splaying with your calculator and pay attention in class , shouted his math teacher. Quitely he put away his calculator and stared at the board.

Man, class is so boring , I can go home and study all this. Jack said to himslef loking at the clock waiting for the bell to ring.

Jack always delayed things till the last minute and therefore he was not doing well in class. He never used to complete his work and all the teachers were angry with him.

One day as the English teacher was teaching in class , the principal barged into the classroom.

May I speak with Mr. Jack for a moment please? , he asked.

Certainly , replied the teacher.

Gulp ,now I m in trouble , jack said to himself.

Your grades have been slipping a lot lately Jack, you have to start studying if you want to graduate and go to a good college ,said the principal.

I know, Sir , jack replied nodding is head.

Well, I was informed that you class will be having a Math test tommorow, isn t that right?, asked the principal.

Yes Sir , replied Jack.

I want you to get a good grade on the test , otherwise I will have to inform you parents about you progress at school , said the principal.

Very well sir.I will do my best on the test tommorow. , said Jack .

That s the spirit my boy, I know that you are a good boy , but you need a push occasionally. Said the principal smiling.

As Jack was going back to his class room , he though to himself, Ah. Today I will go home and study for the test , get a good grade and everyone will be proud of me.

When Jack arrived at the class

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