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Television Is The Downfall Of Our Society Essay, Research Paper

Can you imagine the actual number of people who watch T.V.? People spend more time before the television, than any other thing. Nowadays, even children, to be more specific, toddlers spend most of their time watching T.V. Shouldn?t they be playing with their toys inside or outside, playing in the yard, going to the park for a walk or to play on the swings and slides? Don?t you remember when you were young when your parents took you to the park? All kids went to the park, but nowadays, the park has been substituted with the television and video games (for youth). Maybe this is also a reason why many of our children are obese. Because the television producers have created television show for preschoolers, school-age children, teenagers, and adults, many choose to spend their time viewing these shows because they feel a sense of belonging when watching the shows.

For preschoolers, shows such as Sesame Street, Barney, and Teletubbies have been created. Many of these shows are very educational, but it has been proven that most children learn quicker with hands-on-training. Children are more likely to learn also by speaking. Children can?t speak to the television; therefore, their parents must be his/her instructors, but this requires time from the parents. Many parents don?t have time to spend talking to their children, they are either at work, or they think they have something more important than their children, but what can be more important than your child?s education and development. Parents must take time from their long day to spend time with their children, take them to the park or just go out into the backyard and play ball.

Educational shows, such as The Magic School Bus, have been produced for school-age children. This is a very informational show and it allows for kids to explore. Noton?s World is a very good example of this also, because he performs experiments and talks about science and math during his show. Shows such as cartoons aren?t very educational; however, they can be very entertaining for these children. There are also shows, such as The Alyson?s Sisters, which deals with everyday occurrences that relate to them. These twins fall into this age group and the show talks of things that happen to them during and outside of school. For instance, the show talks about their first date, first dance, first kiss, first boyfriend, Etc.

For teenagers, shows such as The Fresh Prince, Boy Meets World, Hang Time, Sister Sister, Family Matters, and Change of Heart are being shown on T.V. These shows usually are shown after 3:00 p.m. or during the weekend the time when teenagers are out of school. Teenagers watch these shows because they can relate to the characters. These characters go through the same things that teenagers go through. Sometimes, they wish that they could go through those awesome things that happen to those fictional characters. However, shows like the Jerry Springer Show, aren?t or shouldn?t be watched by teenagers, because it forces a way of being and thinking into their minds. If you have ever watched the Jerry Springer Show, you don?t want to be a guest, or you always say that won?t happen to me. But nowadays, a lot of teens are doing things that are seen in talk shows like the Jerry Springer Show, because they think it?s right, since they saw it on T.V., but it isn?t right.

Soap Operas, and shows such as The Pretender, ER, Hercules, Zena, Family Feud, Love and Marriage, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, and Talk shows, such as Oprah, Sally, and Ricki Lake are shown for the adults. However, many teens and children also watch these shows. There are many differences between these shows because they all emphasis on something different. Soap Operas are just like movies, but these go on forever. Talk Shows sometimes can be educational, for awareness, personal stories, fashion, or reunions; it just depends on what the viewers of that show are more interested in. Some of these shows are just shows, just movies, and a story of several people that keeps going; however, they are different from Soap Operas because Soap Operas are stories about many different characters, not one story. Shows such as the Family Feud, are game shows, but can be educational at the same time.

There are many different types of shows being viewed by America on television. It all depends on the person watching, and what he chooses to watch. Each person has the opportunity to watch whatever he or she wants to watch. This is why channels were created. If you don?t want to watch a show, change the channel. And parents take your children out. Maybe since we watch television so much, we too have become overweight, as many Americans have.

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