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“..and, who would give all of his followers something they had never had before; faith, and the ability to see others, love others, and talk to others…”"

The basic lines of Catholic Mariology (theology of Mary) are now to talked about and to debated beyond dispute, written as they are in the Scriptures, in the liturgy, in prayer, poetry, song and art, in the writings of saints and theologians and in the teaching of popes and councils. Mary holds a secure place as the mother of Jesus, the greatest of all saints.

Mary gives hope and faith to everyone on earth. She is full of love for others and full of love from God. Having conceived the Son of God in her womb by the story of immaculate conception, she remained a virgin throughout life. At the end of her life on earth she was taken to heaven and started a new life in the Lords house. What she did on earth when she was alive she continues to do in heaven. She is being a mother to all the children of earth This teaching, of Mary was made to be the belief of the church over many centuries of debate and dispute.

Some popular devotions to Mary today would be celebrating the prayers and feasts that are made to give praise to Mary. Mary is the woman who brought Jesus into this world. She brought in a man who would change the world forever. It is only proper that we praise and worship her. Through prayers, feasts, church services, and the rosary, we can devote times of prayer to her, thanking her for the things she has accomplished throughout her life. A sincere devotion to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus And Mary, lived out in each day’s prayer and activity;

The promotion of the values of love, fidelity and responsibility in all families;

The intentions of fellow Family Members, in union with the prayer life and apostolic work of the Missionaries of the Sacred Hearts; The particular needs and prayer intentions for the family of each Member.

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