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Water – Crucial Part Of Life Essay, Research Paper

Final Writing Assignment:


Thesis Statement: Water is the most crucial part of life it?s self, and must never go unnoticed.

I. People frequently overlook the importance of water in the body. In order to keep the body healthy, people must consume water. A healthy body is a well-hydrated body. Without the constant consumption of water the body becomes dehydrated. Perhaps people overlook waters importance, simply because it?s the must abundant natural resource on the planet. Water is the most crucial part of life it?s self, and must never go unnoticed.

II. Making water a part of life will develop good, healthy habits. By drinking water the body?s thirst will not only be quenched, but a person avoids consuming non-healthy beverages, such as sodas and coffee. Reaching for a glass of water first thing in the morning, even before coffee, a known diuretic, will replace body water lost during the evenings sleep. When a person carries bottles of water with them throughout the day, they are less likely to patronize fast-food restaurants, known for their less then healthy selections of food and drink. Recent studies have shown, people who increase their consumption of water, also tend to increase their physical activity. Thus leading to a more fit, and healthy body. People with healthy minds, body?s, and spirits live longer more productive lives. All though there are more obvious benefits of water, such as it?s biological, and chemical effects.

A. Maintaining the correct amount of water in the body will produce positive mental, and physical improvements in the body. Tissue, and muscle reproduction will only take place when there is an adequate amount of water stored in reserve. The respiratory system functions better when the body has been completely hydrated. Not to mention, the increased brain stimulation that?s been linked to properly maintained water levels in the body. Doctor John K. Brown, of the University of Indiana?s 1998 study on how varying amounts of water consumption effects Olympic athletes performance, outlines a dramatic increase not only in athletic performance, but mental facility too. Doctor Brown?s study effectively proves water is the building block for a sound mind, and body. Yes, the positive effects of water in the body can be seen both physically and mentally, but the same can be said in regards to the negative effects that the lack of water can have on the body.

B. Losses the body?s water weight can drastically impair functioning both mentally and physically. A mere one to two percent loss in water weight will key the body?s natural defense mechanisms to kick in, thus slowing down all mental and physical capabilities, in an effort to preserve water. As more water is lost, the body steps up its efforts to conserve water, by closing off the sweat glands, trapping in harmful impurities normally extracted from the body by sweating. If the body were to loose approximately seven percent of water weight or more, the delicate internal balance would be disturbed so much that a total body collapse can result. The scientific community has established the fact that a human body can withstand almost two weeks without food, but only three days without water before it will die. Proving just how important water is to the body, and how serious the lack of water can be. Just knowing the importance of water is not nearly enough though.

III. Keeping the body hydrated is more complex then just drinking water, it requires knowing when to drink it, but most importantly, how much water needs to be drunk. There are many considerations that affect the exact amount of water a person must drink; one such consideration is the person?s geographic location, and the climate of that location. Other factors can be the types of daily activities a person engages in. Even a person?s gender, and body weight can influence the need for increased water intake. People who fail to take these into consideration stand a higher chance of becoming unexpectedly dehydrated. Most people suffering from dehydration do in fact drink water regularly, but due to an unforeseen reason have still fallen victim to their own ignorance. If a person keeps track of their surroundings, and knows their body?s needs this problem can be avoided. Most people find it easiest to start by looking at the different activities they do during a day, and decide what where they could use an increase in the amount of water they drink.

A. Water should be consumed before, during, and after physical exercise. A person should know their bodyweight pre- and post-exercise, so they can keep track of fluid loss. Drink 2 cups of fluid, preferably water, at least one hour before exercise and keep sipping a half cup or more for every 15 to 20 minutes of workout time. After exercising, it?s a good idea to drink 4 cups of fluid, this help replace any lost water weight, and ensures the body stays completely hydrated. A 150-lb individual who loses 3 lbs after a heavy-sweat session has lost 2% of bodyweight, more than enough to adversely affect physical and cognitive functioning. By consuming water before, during, and after exercising this individual could avoid any complications attributed to the loss water weight. Weather exercising in the gym, at home, or just running through the park, people can still keep well hydrated throughout their workout, and enjoys the benefits of a healthier like. But keeping hydrated is even more complex still, for people don?t workout 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

B. The fundamental ingredient in maintaining the body?s electrolyte balance is to constantly drinking water throughout the day. Hydration must be an ongoing process, and not simply relying on thirst alone. The average sedentary adult male needs at least 12 cups of water per day. (See attachment A, figure 1) While the average adult female needs only nine cups per day. (See attachment A, figure 2) Electrolytes are fueled and carried by water in the body, without which the body begins to slow down and doesn?t function properly. Drinking water throughout the day will ensure the body?s electrolyte balance stays in check, and the electrolytes are regularly flowing all through the body. Constantly drinking a few cups in the morning, then a few more in the afternoon, as well as in the evening, can do drinking water throughout the day. This easy process can help to prevent the dreaded symptoms of dehydration.

IV. An extreme lack of water in the body can cause dehydration. When the body does get dehydrated it becomes sluggishness, because the senses have been dulled. Leading to a general sense of fatigue, and aching. The most extreme cases of dehydration can result in death. In 1998 three college wrestlers died as a result of denying their body?s water, in an attempt to loose weight for a tournament. These young men had to have known they were dehydrated, but surely they never expected they might die from it. Had they only noticed the signals their bodies were giving them.

A. The Human body gives a number of warning signs to alert a person when they are becoming dehydrated; the secret is to know what to look for. Watching the color of urine may be the best, and easiest way to eyeball the body?s hydration. Dark, gold-colored urine is a sure sign that the body is low on fluids. Another way to monitor hydration is to watch the skin on the hands and fingers. Dry, pealing skin on the palms, and fingertips is always a sign of dehydration. A less obvious, but good warning sign, is the body?s lack of perspiration, when the body stops sweating lookout, it could mean it doesn?t have enough water left to continue sweating.

B. Preventing dehydration is quite easy, yet so often overlooked. First, know the body and how it works, with respect to keeping hydrated. Second, never just assume someone is taking in enough fluid to prevent him or herself from becoming dehydrated. Lastly, remember this one thing; the body can never have too much water, if it does; it will simply flush the excess out. For example, if a man needs 12 cups of water in a day to keep from getting dehydrated, yet he drinks 20 cups today, he might end up sweating out a few cups, and urinating out the rest. This way he has not overlooked the prevention of dehydration, but actually done it. If more people stopped and took the time to figure out precisely how they could prevent themselves from getting dehydrated, this problem would eradicate its self.

V. Including water in a person?s diet improves their overall health. The amount of water, and when the water is consumed are imperative to staying constantly hydrated. Knowing the body, how it works, can help aid in preventing dehydration. Without water the body would cease to function.

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