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Abortion Essay, Research Paper


Is it right or is it wrong? Is it murder or is it a woman’s choice. There are so many conflicting views, but who is right? The debate over abortion will probably never be settled in my life time. As with many computer literate people, the author of this site gives us an objective view on abortion. Gilbert shows the topic from four points of view: historical, the law, medicine and the Biblical perspective. Each point has at least one page dedicated to it’s topic, giving reasons for and against abortion.

Though the author gives no proof of why he is an expert in this debate, the pages seem to be written intelligently and with little slant. Without some sort of bibliography or proof that he knows what he writes about, this page cannot be viewed as a viable resource for a “concept” paper. In only one instance does Gilbert give a slight inclination that what he says is from fact, and that is where he found the quotes in the Bible. But why the Bible, if the page is to be truly objective, then why did he pick a specific sect of religion as a whole.

Overall the page is written very well and with large amounts of information. The author, however gives no attempt at showing competence or qualifications for this site. Moreover, Gilbert could have given quotes from authorities working that field or books written by such people.

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