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Drinking Essay, Research Paper


Drinking is a subject that comes up at a lot of colleges and universities. The main cause of this is the fraternities that are on campus. The fraternities that are on major campuses are the ones which are responsible for most of the drinking, parties, and chaos.

When your in your freshmen or sophmore year in college, many times you will get a fraternity member asking you if you would like to rush them because they feel that you would be a good ?brother.? If in time you do decide to pledge the fraternity you will have to go through numerous kinds of initiations. These initiations consist of crazy, straight up stupid things that will make you suffer, ranging from going to the store and getting a pack of cigarettes at four o?clock in the morning, to chugging a full keg of beer, with only 6 people, in one hour. These are just some of the things that Greek life has to offer. These are the main reasons why people go to the hospital for alcohol poisoning or even die, because it is just to much to handle for some people.

Drinking is said to be the number one drug in the country today. The reason for this is because, there are not to many rules that say what you can and can?t do besides getting in a car and driving after you have been drinking. Really the only other law against drinking is that you have to be twenty one years of age or older, but many people in the country today seem to slip right past that law with fake identification.

Trust me when I say this, I love to go out and have a good time and get really drunk but there are consequences that people must pay when they do things like this. For one, you will wake up with a killer hangover if you chose the night before to get completely loaded, to the point where you don?t remember what happened. If you in time become a person that drinks frequently, then you will soon become a person that suffers from a case of alcoholism. At this point you will actually be like a person that smokes, always wanting alcohol, and to the point where you can?t function without it. For instance, my mother?s father was an alcoholic and he would go through extreme mood swings, to the point where you don?t even want to be around him. He got to the point around the end of his life that he would wake up in the morning with a bottle of Jack Daniel?s sitting on his night table, and he wouldn?t be able to go to work unless he drank it. He ended up dying from a liver infection that was caused from alcoholism. These are the types of problems that go along with drinking, and they all lead back to people not knowing when to say when.

Today in fraternities, it is like its not even knowing when to say when, but yet these innocent students are kind of being forced to do things that they never have before. Yet, these students will go to all levels until they have reached their goal, becoming a brother. Another reason why they would never back down and say their not going to do that is for the main fact that they do not want to be looked at as a coward because they could not chug from a keg, or down a beer in a couple seconds. The fraternity members look at these pledgers and force them, thinking to themselves, ?I?ve done this so why can?t these guys.? This is the main cause for people going to the hospital and for people dying. This should not happen, college is supposed to be the best years of your life; there is no reason why they should be your last.

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