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Aids Epidemic In Africa Essay, Research Paper

My initial thought on how to solve the AIDS epidemic was to increase the amount of education and medical aid in the area. AIDS education is crucial to stop the spreading of the disease. There are myths that exist in Africa about HIV, such as “Some believe that you can rid yourself of HIV through sex with virgins, or flush it out of your system through repeated intercourse.” It is obvious that the people are not aware of how the disease works. Universities such as Indiana University actually set up a program to educate people in Kenya about AIDS.

Sending financial aid to Africa is a major problem. Without sufficient input, we can’t save many lives. We could submit our plan to the UNAIDS organization and explain why it’s the best plan. I believe it is because we are helping those that are in need of it. Since money is limiting what we can do, we must maximize the number of lives we can save with what we have. Other issues, such as treating babies early with HIV to rid it of the disease is very costly, ineffective in the long run, and unethical. A newborn should not have more rights than a person in need of help. Not treating current patients and only helping newborns would make that generation have no parents. Also, HIV cannot be completely rid of, even if newborns are treated. HIV cases have leveled off to a limit point in the US at 40,000 cases a year. Without focus in education, that small amount would still spread to others.

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