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In the article Cybergrace: The Search for God in the Digital World, x Jennifer Cobb wonders if a collective and self-reflective intelligence, .God x isn’t embodying itself in cyberspace. She observes the God-like nature that humans may gain in cyberspace and warns that we must proceed with caution. To me, the only thing I could think about with technology is it s ability to make almost anything possible such as, genetic engineering, nanotechnology, robotics, and increasing computer power, decreasing computer size. In last decades, the modern technology industry relies very explicitly on faith that the software will work, that the demo won’t crash, and that the market will keep going up. Technology is technology; it is a means for communication and transportation over space, and nothing more.

Technology that plays a significant role in all aspects of my life today, for example a computer, allows me to use technology benefits me by enhancing my learning capabilities and development in my college education. As a future engineer, the technology makes our life much easier, and it can be a powerful tool for educational use. During my high school years, or even now, a computer is the one of instructional tools that provides the discovery and exchange of information, communication, exploration, learning, and teaching. However, after I read Cobb s article, I must admit a little concept as I begin to see a growing awareness of spirituality in our relationship to machines even in this most secular of worlds.

At first, this article starts comparing unlikely subjects that is the Internet and the divine, in Cobb’s able hands, a seamlessly woven web of connection. Cobb urges us not to abandon the online world to commercial forces but to realize that “through the medium of computation, our spiritual experience can be extended in profound ways.”(160) She proceeds toward an in-depth discussion of the nature of divinity.

Cobb states that God is the force of universal processes, and what physicists call the implicate order of the universe. I can accept that these processes occur within our computers and, more important, in the connections the computers make possible. She also says the World Wide Web is as natural a place to find God as a forest or a church, and argues that it is a nascent “theosphere” in which we can help God to be born again among us. Cobb’s logic is really hard to follow. But, I could see her to prove that the divine and the technology are more than just parallel worlds, running close together but never touching. Her belief may even have merit. When she points out that the word for religion comes from the Latin for “to connect,” it’s a reminder how interactive prayer and ritual are, and how creative and profound the world of technology can be.

I believe that our society discovers needs for new technologies, just as past societies pioneered needs for technologies like the printing press, pencil, gas engine, automobile, and cellular phone. These technologies have been changing my behaviors that make me interested in ideas and in implementing new ideas. Mostly I’ve been interested in scientific and technical ideas and in discovering and inventing new things in science. To discover new technology, I have to come together through creative exploration of intimidating frontier of information, and the learning process by that will direct humanity’s creativity toward meaningful educational goals.

There are many good technologies introduced and employed these days, and it gives us many convenient ways to live and operate in the 21st century. One of the greatest technologies I ve been exposed to is the Internet. The Internet allows us to connect to a global resource stuffed full of information on any topic known to man and has sparked a revival in the ability to communicate worldwide. With technology as prominent as the Internet, there are bound to be several religious implications on society. Through each advance of technology communication has become easier and faster than ever before.

The Internet also allows millions of people to connect with each other so that information is traveling faster to each person than ever before. Responses to the information will be known even faster. With the number of people connecting to the Internet increasing exponentially, the number of voices in conversations on the Internet will also increase. The Internet can be seen as something more than just a physical entity. .Computers are part of the evolution of people, x(160) suggests Jennifer Cobb. She is concerned with what she calls the evolution of an evolving mind call the .noosphere. x Cobb, like many others sees the Internet as perhaps being the .noosphere x as the divine energy that can help us reconnect with the planet, each other, and God.

Understanding the Internet and the World Wide Web as just one more in a long history of technological developments is to begin to understand the much larger reality of the history of technique. Our history is filled with records of our tools and technologies.

Technology has had a profound impact on my daily life and has aided in the development of both my personal and professional skills and capabilities. Although technology is crucial for many aspects of my everyday life such as school, work and communication, I believe that too much reliance on technology can be to our own detriment. I think that some of my current behavior and reliance on technology can be altered in a way that will benefit my personal and professional experience and development.

There are certain things everyday behaviors that are embedded in technology that we must participate in to keep up our fast paced world such as keeping up with current news, events and information. Effective communication is also essential, which requires efficient real-time integration of people and their ideas. However, technology cannot effectively replace all of our old more fundamental human behaviors. Some of these behaviors that I believe to be fundamental in human nature include hands-on research, personal contact and communication, and virtual realities like education. These fundamental experiences and processes in everyday life are critical to our interpersonal developments and progress, and replacing them with technology advancements would be a mistake as we would deprive ourselves of many natural experiences that are necessary for healthy human development.

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