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Fdr Essay, Research Paper

Erik Fries


U.S. History III

FDR essay

I feel that FDR did meet the goals that he set up in his inaugural address. By creating new acts he established new jobs for people who have been jobless up until that point. This was very important because without a job people can’t earn money, and they also tend to be more depressed. These acts that he sent through congress also helped out the farms too. By giving the farmers money for every acre of unused land this allowed for less crops while the farmers still had money. This brought the demand for food up and then money started to get back into the farms. FDR also set up ways for people to get loans. This was important because people were loosing their houses and farms. By creating loans for these people they didn’t have to give this all up and live on the street. FDR also wanted to create one organization, which would be responsible for all of the relief activities. The NIRA was set up just for this purpose. FDR didn’t just help save farms and houses too. He also started to get people to put their trust back into their banks. He set up the FDIC, which insured people’s balances so if the bank went under their money was still there. This was good because when people start to put money back into the banks then the banks invest it and it all starts to circulate back through our economy. FDRs new deal was a good idea for getting America back on its feet but the war also helped too. Without World War two who knows were we would be today. FDR did a good job of bringing down unemployment and getting peoples hope back.

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