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Orwell Critizism Essay, Research Paper

One of my favorite books is Animal Farm by George Orwell. It is about a farm that is taken over by the animals that inhabit it. One day the animals on the farm decide that they will fun the farmer off his farm and that they will run the farm. The pigs become the leaders of the farm and every other animal is, for all intents and purposes, under their control. Everything is going well on the farm until the pigs’ rule starts to get out of hand and they begin to assume too much power on the farm. They begin to make rules that apply to all on the farm except for them. They begin to treat the other animals on the farm like slaves along with other abuses of power. Orwell’s entire purpose of writing the novel was to worn against the dangers of society forming a totalitarian society. He effectively creates a story that almost completely parallels the history of the Russian revolution.

Although I do think this is a great book I believe it has some flaws. One of the major flaws with the writing of this book is that if the reader does not have any prior knowledge of the Russian revolution then he will surely miss most of the important aspects of the book. I do not think Orwell took into account his audience when he wrote this book. He must have known that not everyone who would read his great work of literature would not know well the complete history of the Russian Revolution. Taking this idea into account, I think he could have somehow made it possible for a person who did not know about the Russian revolution to be able to understand the main purpose of the writing. Not many people can just automatically realize that he is warning about the dangers of a totalitarian reign of power. He could have somehow made the main purpose of his great book more easily understandable.

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