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John Calvin Coolidge Essay, Research Paper

Presidential Report

Tyson Hoste

1st period

Name: John Calvin Coolidge

Party Affiliation: Republican

Dates Served: Midway through 1923-1929

Personal Data: Coolidge married Grace Ann Goodhue on October 4, 1905 at the home of the bride?s parents in Burlington Vermont. He was a lawyer and had no military training. His father was a farmer, storekeeper, and local public official. His ancestors were of English, Scotch and Welsch heritage. His great grandfather emigrated from Cambridge shire England. Coolidge stood about 5feet 9inches tall and was slightly built. He had finely chiseled features, a narrow pointed nose, cleft chin, small deeply set blue eyes and thin-pursed lips. The red hair of his youth sandy during maturity. He spoke with a New England nasal twang. He walked in short quick steps. He wrote his own autobiography. One interesting fact about Coolidge was that his inaugural address i8n his father?s barn.

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