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Victor s arrogance in his studies of the human body made him lose his sense of humanity. The monster was kind until society branded him as an outcast because of his appearance. Shelley uses the fact that they both started off with good intentions to tie them together. When Victor starts off he is only trying to master his knowledge of natural philosophy. His arrogance gives him the idea of god-like power. This idea overcomes him and he becomes obsessed with the idea of being god, Summer months passed while I was thus engaged, heart and soul, in one pursuit . The monster also starts out with kindness, he tells victor, Believe me Frankenstein, I was benevolent; my soul glowed with love and humanity, but am I not alone, miserably alone? . After society refuses to accept him because of appearance, he becomes angry. The monster is more caring than victor is because his actions are done in retaliation towards society. This puts irony into the story. She calls the creature the monster. Usually the monster is evil. The defenition of monster is a creature that has no emotions or remorse. In this case the monster is more loving than the creator is. The monster s capability to love can be seen in the way he thinks of the peasants my thoughts now became more active, and I longed to discover the motives and feelings of these lovely creatures, I thought that it might be in my power to restore happiness to these deserving people . The monster s display of love for the peasants shows he is more affectionate than most humans are. Society made the monster what he is, which is beyond his control Victor s evil work comes only from his arrogance. Victor and the monster are alike in other ways also. Both of them were abandoned by their parents at a young age. Victor is left without his mother after her death, while giving birth. The monster was left by victor after his creation. Victor got scared and just abandoned him. Victor and the monster are also similar in that they were isolated from society. Victor was isolated when he indulges himself in work. He is also isolated when the creature kills his friends and family. The monster is isolated from society because of his grotesque appearance.

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