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Deer Hunting Essay, Research Paper

There are many things to do in the fall. One of my

favorite things to do is to go deer hunting. To me it is

more than just hunting, it is a time to get away and be with

nature. There is nothing more relaxing to me than sitting

in my treestand with a nice cool breeze, knowing that there

is no one around. It is such a nice feeling that I don t

always want to leave.

The spot where I like to hunt is down an old country

road directly off the highway. On the right hand side of

the road there is a field. Through the field there is a

path just big enough to fit a vehicle. Sometimes when the

corn is really tall, the path is hard to find. I have missed

it on a couple of occasions. The path is about two football

fields long. You have to watch really closely to where

you re going because there are many holes where the rain has

eroded some of the dirt and rocks. At the end of the path

there is a clearing. In the middle of this clearing there

is a big pond where the deer like to get water. To the left

side of the pond there is another field. This whole area is

surrounded by woods. After I get my camouflage on and get

everything else ready, I walk to my treestand. My treestand

is on the opposite side of the pond. While walking around

the pond I often hear frogs jumping in the water at the

sound of my footsteps. I always see a turtle or two

sticking their heads up out of the water for some air.

Occasionally I will see some fish swimming. It is a long

walk to my stand, but I enjoy seeing all the wildlife. By

the time I get to my stand I am ready to sit down, but first

I have to climb about twenty feet in the air to my seat. I

try to get as high as possible so the animals can t see me.

When I get comfortable and secured to the tree, I can

finally sit down and relax. Being away from people just

seems to make me feel a lot better about everything. It

puts me in a good mood. There is just something about being

outside in the woods that makes you feel worry and trouble


Sitting in my stand is one of my favorite things to do.

While sitting in my stand, I m surrounded by trees. No

matter where you look, that s all you see. When the leaves

start to change, it is one of the most beautiful things

anyone could ever see. One time I was sitting in my stand

when a squirrel came along and started barking at me. He

did this for almost half an hour. It is nice to see so many

different animals running around. There are always

squirrels rummaging around for nuts for the winter.

Sometimes I see a rabbit hopping along or a chipmunk running

through the fallen leaves. Once in a great while I might

catch a glimpse of a coyote looking for food also. The

sounds that the squirrels and chipmunks make are mistaken

for deer every once in a while. It really gets my

adrenaline pumping in anticipation, even though there isn t

really a deer. I also Like to watch the different kinds of

birds. It seems like there is always a woodpecker in a

nearby tree making a bunch of noise. There are also a lot

of Quail around. The quail have a distinctive whistle that

gives lets me no they are quail. When the wind blows really

hard you can t hear anything else even if you wanted to.

The wind also moves the tree I m in, too. This can get kind

of scary sometimes. One time I was climbing up the ladder

to my stand and the wind picked up, it just about threw me

off the ladder. You have to be careful on windy days so

that the wind doesn t blow your scent to the deer. Deer

have a really good scence of smell, they can smell you

before you can see them. One time there were a few deer off

in the field near the pond. I was getting ready to walk to

my stand when the wind blew my scent that way. I could see

the deer lift their heads and sniff at the air. After they

did that they turned around and ran the other way. I don t

mind not seeing deer when I go out hunting. I know they are

there it just takes time.

Deer hunting is a lot of fun if you love the

outdoors,and if you have a lot of patience. Deer hunting is

about 90% luck and 10% skill. If you need time to get away

with no one around I would suggest deer hunting. It gives

you a lot of time to relax and enjoy the great outdoors

without having to worry about anything else. That is why I

enjoy deer hunting.

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