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Review of a Review

Mark Caro seems to let one flaw ruin an entire movie. In his review of “Unbreakable” Caro admits that the duration of the film is commendable, but its ending is too disappointing to look past. He begins by comparing “Unbreakable” to the highly acclaimed “The Sixth Sense”. By saying that “The Sixth Sense” viewers will be, “on the lookout for clues that might telegraph the inevitable final twist” Caro puts the idea in our minds that we should all expect the same type of ending. However, Caro does not hesitate to declare that the ending to “Unbreakable” is “the ultimate let-down”. He claims that the ending does not deliver, yet he does not give it away and therefor stirs our curiosity about this disappointing ending.

Caro, then goes on to compliment director, M. Night Shyamalan?s filmmaking. Again, comparing the two Shyamalan movies, Caro says that (besides the ending) this one is better. When he states that Shyamalan?s “willingness to play his cards slowly [is] all the more refreshing” we understand that this movie will not consist of the action packed scenes that is so atypical today. And although Caro appreciates this, he informs us of the fact that this movie should be watched with mindfulness and lets us decide whether or not that appeals to us. He further explains that this “slow pacing allows the weight of certain lines-like ?Did you drop the baby??- to sink in” Not only is this statement acclamatory, but the quotation of the movie that Caro uses is extremely intriguing.

Caro also recognizes cinematographer Eduardo Serra for his talent and distinctive style, which he compares to that of the historically renowned Alfred Hitchcock?s. Bruce Willis is also recognized for his appealing depiction of his character, David. Caro makes sure to prepare us for a performance quite unlike those in Willis? action-comedy roles. Caro?s unsurity about Bruce as a person is clearly stated, but not very convincing, especially when he weakens his argument by saying, “David is somber because the movie is somber”.

Besides his critical view of the ending one would think that Caro liked “Unbreakable”. He enjoyed the screenplay, acting, and cinematography yet the final scene left him with a bad enough impression to dislike the movie as a whole. The so called “abrupt” and “ultimate let-down” ending was too disappointing for Caro who came to the theater full of expectations due to Shyamalan?s “The Sixth Sense” and its eminent final twist. It?s a shame that a filmmaker has to create the same impact in every movie in order to gain his viewers? approval.

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