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Smoking has many effects on the body and tobacco companies have many ways to advertise but one major target group. In this paper I will tell how they do both. Smoking has effects on all parts of the body. We?ll start with the brain. Smoking impairs your ability to concentrate and to think straight. It also kills brain cells and decreases the amount of oxygen that goes to there. It also effects the heart, it tightens up the arteries and therefor makes the heart work harder, shortening the average life span to 6 years if you smoke a pack a day and up to 8 years if you smoke 2 packs a day. The lungs. Smoking can cause lung cancer and can cause tar build up in the lungs. The tar makes it hard for the lungs to expand so it gets less air in them. The tar also stiffens the alveoli and makes it hard for then to clear dust and germs from the lungs so it makes you have to cough. ABC has proved that cigarette companies target the younger aged kids, the reason for this being that the brains are still developing and if it develops with nicotine they are more likely to be addicted. They also thought that the character ?Joe Camel? was pointed out as there main weapon. The companies also staked out outlets near high-schools to sell to the kids after school. They also put T-shirts out on the market and other products on the market to get it out in the rounds and get the kids used to the products. In the past 20 years, the average age to start smoking is 12 and a half years old. Allot of people think that smoking isn?t talked about enough and the risks should be put out in the open. Now that they are, the tobacco companies are trying to make smoking look cool. So as I have told you about the effects that smoking has on the body and put up facts on why the tobacco companies target.

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