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Garibaldi Essay, Research Paper


Joseph Garibaldi wa born in 1807 at Nice when it was still part of France. He called himself a republican and believed the best kind of government for the people was that government that was leart dependent on violence. Garibaldi was convinced that there was a need in Italy of an honest temporary dictatorship.

He becomes a revolutionary in the Mazzini patriotic society Young Italy. A friend introduced him to Mazzini, then he joins the Piedmontese navy as a first class rating to promote a republican revolt. At this time at Merseilles people were punished if they were suspected of some kind of conspiracy against Piedmontese police. The revolt fails and arrest were taking place, and with the help of women he disguises himself and leaves Genoa in 1834 and heads for France (Garibaldi, 100).

Garibaldi spends two years in France and head to South America. In 1836, as a naval captain he fights to break-away the province of Rio Grande, in its attempt to free itself from the Brazilian Empire. He also commands a small Orientale fleet (Uruguayan) against the dictator of Argentina, Manuel Rosas. In 1848, he is in command of a volunteer unit at Milan against Austrians. He is elected deputy of Roman Assemble in 1849, where he proposes the creation of a Roman Republic and to put the pope back to control in the Papal States. In that same year he beats off an attack by the French at St. Pancrazio gate of Rome. Garibaldi defeats Neapolitan army at Velletri, and as he arrives back in Piedmontese he is arrested and deported as an undersirable (Garibaldi, 12).

As a general in the Piedmontese army, he forms the Cacciatori delle Alpi and fights at Lombardy. Garibladi then becomes a deputy of Nice in the Piedmontese parliament at Turin, he attacks Cavour for ceding Nice to Louis Napoleon, Emperor or France, and making a treaty with him. He set out thousands of volunteers to raid against the Neapolitan forces. Garibaldi captures Palermo, the capital of Sicily and wins the battle of Milazzo. He also captures Naples and declares himself as Dictator of the Two Sicilies (Garibaldi, 98). He then gives the whole southern part of Italy to Cavour, proclamming Victor Emanuel as King of United Nations. All though his life Garibaldi continued to attack Cavour in parliament over the latter ungenerous treatment of the volunteers, and continues to stive for the unification of Italy (Garibaldi,34).

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