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Mining Dictionary Essay, Research Paper



Mining Engineering






Adhesion : Holding surface together with an adhesive

Advance : The work of excavating as mining forward in an entry and in driving rooms; to extract all or part of an ore

Agglomeration : A concentration process based on the adhesion of pulp particles to water in ore benefaction

Alloy : A substance having metallic properties and being composed of two or more chemical elements of which at least one is an element of metal

Amalgamation : The production of an amalgam or alloy of mercury

Anemometer : An instrument to measure the velocity of air

Anomaly : A body, which is much different in geological and mineral content than the surrounding formations

Antimony: A trivalent and pentavalent metallic element which is rather soft usually in metallic silvery white, crystalline

Arches: A large building with a curved top over an opening, usually as a monument


Bagging : Flexible tubing for conducting compressed air, water, or steams usually constructed from canvas and rubber

Ball mill : Mill which has balls inside that are used to crush big minerals

Ballast : Broken limestone pieces to carry mine track within its side

Baryte : A sulphate of Barium

Bell conveyor : A moving belt that rides on rollers and used to carry coal or other materials to various locations

Bench : A long seat; a strong on which mechanics prepare their work

Bentonite : A montmorillonite type clay formed by the alteration of volcanic ash

Blasting : Break up and destroy

Blind shaft : A small shaft driven between two galleries

Blister copper : An impure intermediate product in the refilling of copper

Boundary : A line between areas of the earth?s surface occupied by rocks or formations of different type and different age

Brittle : A mineralogical term meaning not flexible and ductile


Cage : The cabin in the shaft to carry men, mine cars and materials

Cave : A hollow place in earth

Ceramic : A class of inorganic, non-metallic products which are subjected to a high temperature during manufacture or in use

Clay : A fine-grained, natural, earthy material composed primarily of hydrous aluminium silicates

Combustible : A substance that can be easily set on fire or that readily takes fire and burns

Communition : The breaking, crushing, or grinding of coal, ore, or rock

Conveying : Transporting by conveyors from the orebody to the shaft

Copper : A reddish metallic element in group IB of the periodic table

Crushing : To reduce ore or quartz by stamps, crushers or rolls

Cut-off tenor : The lowest tenor for mining

Cutting machine : A power-driven machine used to undercut or shear the coal to facilitate its removal from the face

Cyclone : Refers to the conical shapes apparatus used in dust collecting operations


Dam : A bank or mound raised to keep back

Debris : Rock fragments, sand, earth, and sometimes organic matter, in a heterogeneous mass, as at the foot of a cliff

Detonation : An explosion or sudden report made by the inflammation of certain combustible bodies

Development : To open up a coal seam or orebody as by sinking shafts and driving drifts, as well as installing the equipment needed

Dewatering : Removing water by pumping, drainage, or evaporation

Dilution : Mixing of ore with other material lowering the tenor of the ore

Discipline : Employee discipline implies subjection to authority or instructions given by a mine official

Dragline : A type of excavating equipment which costs a rope-hung bucket, a considerable distance, collects the dug material by pulling the bucket toward itself on the ground with a second rope, elevates the bucket and dumps the material on a spoil bank, in a hopper, or on a pile

Drilling : The act of process of making a circular hole with a drill

Dump : Combination of all waste materials which are useless

Dust : Earth or other matter reduced to small particles which can easily be raised and carried by air

Dynamite : An industrial explosive which is detonated by blasting caps. Theprinciple explosive equipment is nitro-glycerine or specially sensitised ammonium nitrate


Earth : The solid matter of the globe in distinction from water and air; to the ground; the firm land of the earth?s surface

Efficiency : The ratio of work output to work input

Environment : The aggregate of all the surrounding conditions, influences, or force affecting a locus sedimentation

Excavation : Digging and removing soil

Explore : To search, develop or prospect


Fault : Breaking plane of a vein or seam

Fault line : The intersection of a fault surface or a fault plane with the surface of the earth or with any artificial surface of reference

Feldspar : One of a group of rock-farming minerals which includes microline, orthoclase, plagioclase and anorthoclase

Filtration : A process for separating solids from the liquid

Firedamp : Mixture of methane and air

Flint : A variety of quartz, a cryptocrystalline substance composed of silica

Flocculation : The gathering of suspended particles into aggregations


Gallery : An excavation carried from the shaft horizontally to reach the orebody

Gateway : A gallery driven horizontally to follow a seam or a vein

Geological reserve : An unknown reserve but the geological information indicating the possibility of such reserve

Grinding : Size reduction of ore and other materials into idatively fine particles


Hand picking : Manual removal of ore from the soil

Haulage : Transportation of cars and miners horizontally

Headframe : Steel or concrete tower to carry the hoisting forces

Helmet : A covering which protects the head

Hoisting : Lifting something upwards from the earth

Humidity : The quantity of moisture in the air

Hydraulic Transport : Transportation of ore from the working places to the processing plant in pipes


Inclination : The angular depth of vein, bed and etc.; measure in degree from the horizontal plane

Incline: A gallery driven from the surface downward to reach the orebody at an inclination of 10-30 degrees

Isomorphism : The name given the phenomenon where two ro more minerals which are very similar in their chemical properties, crystallize in class of the same system of symmetry


Jigs : Devices which separates coal from foreign substances by the help of density using water

Junctions : Combination; the act or operating of joining


Level : Galleries driven from the shaft at different elevation

Locomotive : A car with an engine usually used to carry mine cars from one place to another on tracks


Magnetic separator : A machine which is used to separate magnetic minerals found in nonmagnetic substances

Malleable : Capable of being extended or shaped by beating with a hammer, for example gold, silver etc

Metal : The pure element of a mineral, mostly having special physical and electrical properties

Mine : Location and installation, from which ore is extracted and a saleable product is obtained

Mine car : A container holding the ore

Mineral : Any natural product having a chemical formula with proper physical characteristics


Ore : A mass of valuable minerals from which a saleable product can be obtained

Orebody : A solid with enormous mass of ore which looks like a big rock

Outburst : The name applied to violent evolution of firedamp from working fact

Overflow : To come out in big mass


Panning : Washing earth or crushed rock in a pan by agitation with water to obtain the particles of greatest specific gravity in it

Parachute : A safety device to keep the cage or skip in the shaft in case of rope breaking

Pelleziting : A method in which finely divided material is rolled in a drum or in an inclined disk so that theparticles cling together and roll up into small spherical pellets

Pillar : The area of coal or ore left to support thte overlying strata or hanging wall in a mine

Polymorphism : The property of presenting many forms, especially in crystallography the ability of certain substances to crystallize with different ratios without changing chemical properties

Possible reserve : An orebody determined in one dimension. Mostly depth

Potential reserve : A proven reserve but not economic under the prevailing conditions

Power plants : Buildings that are producing electrical power

Probable reverse : An orebody determined in two dimensions; length, width. The depth isn?t fully determined

Profit : The money earned when you subscribe lost money from total earnings

Proven reserve : A visible reserve on which the tonnage, tennor, mineralogical investigation have been compiled

Pulp density : The amount of valid in a pulp ranging from 10 to 25 percent by weight in flotation


Railroad : The road or steel bars which carry mine cars

Raise : A gallery driven upward to make connection with the upper level

Ramp : A gallery of small inclination in spiral form

Recovery : The percentage of the recovered metal versus the total metal content of the ore

Refrigeration : Cooling of air before it gets more hot

Regulator : A sliding door opening to regulate the amount of air

Reservoir : A natural underground container of liquids, such as all or water and gases

Retreating longwall : First driving haulage road and airways to the boundary of a track of coal and then mining it in a single face without pillars back and toward the shaft

Roadway : An underground platform

Rock : Naturally formed matter that is a part of the earth?s crust

Roof bolts : Long steel bolts driven into walls or roof of underground excavations to strengthen the pinning of rock strata

Rope : A bunch of steel wires wound to carry the cage and the skip


Seam : Bed of coal or other mineral generally applied to large deposits of coal

Selective mining : A method of mining whereby ore of unwarranted high value is mined in such manner as to make the low grade ore left in the mine incapable of future profitable extraction

Shaft : Excavation usually carried vertically to reach lowest position of orebody

Shaking table : A table which eliminate the reduction by their density

Shovel : An instrument used for lifting earth or other loose substances

Skip : A large container to carry the ore to the surface inside the shaft

Slime table : A table for the treatment of slime; a buddle

Slury : A suspension in a liquid especially water of a solid

Spraying : The application of enamel slip or glaze to surface by using spraygun

Stope : Place where ore production is made

Stowing : The material brought from the surface or from other part of the mine to replace the ore taken out

Stripping : An excavation with power shovels in which the coal seams are laid bore by stripping of the surface soil and rock strata

Strontium : A bivalent metallic element in group II of the periodic system


Tailings : The parts, or a part, of any incoherent or fluid material separated as refuse, or fluid material separated as refuse, or separately treated as inferior in quality

Tenor : The percentage of the valuable element in the reserve

Tie : Wooden or steel pieces on which the rails are placed

Tool grinder : One who grinds the cutting tools for stone working planers and clothes in stonework industry

Track : The system composed of rails, ties and ballast on which the mine car are rolled


Vein : A zone or belt of mineralised rock lying within boundaries clearly separating it from neighbouring rock

Ventilator : A mechanical apparatus for producing a current of air in

underground as a blowing or exhaust fan

Ventube : Flexible pipe which is used to convey the air blowing from a ventilator

Visible reserve : An orebody determined in all dimensions; depth, length, width, thickness


Wet cutting : A method of dust prevention in which water is delivered onto the moving cutter chain, through water pipes and is carried into the cut where it is intimately mixed with the cuttings

Wet drilling : Drill by using the pressure of water which is good for pretending dust

Winder : An electrically driven winding engine for hoisting a cage or cages up vertically in a mine shaft

Winding : Vertical transport through the shaft

Winze : A gallery driven downward to make connection to the lower level

? Sentences with the words used in the dictionary including mining & related terms ?


Adhesion : 1) Adhesion is the work of holding surface

2) In adhesion the effect is produced by forces between molecules

3) Shearing resistance between soil and another material under zero is called adhesion

Advance : 1) To advance galleries either drilling, blasting or mechanical excavation method can be used

2) Role of advancing is very important in order to reach orebody

3) Mechanical gallery advancing is the most effective way in long distanced galleries

Agglomeration : 1) Agglomeration is a kind of a concentration process

2) Agglomeration also refers to briquetting, nodulizing, sintering, etc.

3) Agglomeration is based on adhesion of pulp particles to water

Alloy : 1) An alloy may be a compound of the metals

2) An alloy may be a solid mixture of the metals

3) An alloy may be a heterogeneouse mixture

Amalgation : 1) Gold is treated with mercury in order to obtain amalgam on the surface

2) Amalgation process for gold is done to mix gold with mercury

3) The process by which mercury is alloyed with some other metal is called amalgation

Anemometer : 1) Speed of wind and other moving gases are measured using an anemometer

2) Anemometer consists of a small fan from 7.6 to 15.2 cm in diameter that is rotated by the air current

3) Anemometer is held in the mine airway for the exact number of minutes

Anomaly : 1) Drilling for economic mineral deposits might be conducted in the

area of a geophysical anomaly

2) In seismic usage anomaly is generally synonymous with subsurface structure

3) A crystallographic anomaly is the lack of agreement between the apparent external symmetry of a crystal and the observed optical properties

Antimony : 1) Antimony is extracted from ore by roasting the ore and reducing with carbon

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