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Jackson In Office Essay, Research Paper

Jackson sure did make the ages more democratic. 3 times more people voted in

1828 than in 1824. A lot of people won the right to vote because of suffrage. Jackson also

did not ignore the small towns like others did.

I guess you could have called Jackson an equal man at times. Jackson tried to pay

attention to every one not just the important ones. Jackson included small towns not just

the Cities. Jackson gave equakity to the people. Jackson destroyed the National bank

which was supposed to help small people and small towns.

There was a big growing of democracy while Jackson was in office. There were

tons of new voters. Three times more people voted in 1828 than in 1824. Many of the new

voters lived in the frontier states. Life on the frontier states encouraged a democratic spirit.

The voters in the Westeren states usualy started life very poor. but trough hard work they

prospered. There were also many new voters in the east. Several states dropped the

requirement that voters owned land. therefore a large number of craftsworkers and

shopkeepers won suffrage, the right to vote. still with these new conditions many people

did not have the right to vote. These included women, native americans and most black

americans. In the late 1820 s, new political parties had grown up. The Republican Party

had been the major party for years bt due to different politiacal opinions it split up. People

who supported Adams were called Whigs. Jackson and his supporters took on the name

Democrats which is still one of the major political parties. In the past all parties had held a

Caucus. In the late 1820 s both parties started using a Nominating convention

Democracy took a hug leap in the age of Jackson. As you have seen there were

many ways the country got better with the help of democracy.

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