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Jesus healed many people,in one of the villages a Leper falls down to the ground and says if you want to ,you can make me well again Jesus reaches out and touches the man replying I whant to, be headed (luke 5-13-14).Jesus headed the man with Leprosy and asked him not to tell anyone, but the news spread and crowds of people came to hear him preach the Lord will. One day Jesus was preaching , while some Phopisses and teachers of religious law were sitting nearby,some men came carrying a paralyzed man on a sleeping mat.They couldn t aproach jesus through the enormace crowd so they went on the celling and lowered the paralyzed man infront of Jesus.The Mesiah saw there faith in the Lord and told the psralyzed man son, your sins are forgiven. The religious leaders who heared this said to each other who does this man think he is? This is a blasphemy!Who but good can forgive sins? Jesus knew what they were thinking .So he asked them Why so you think this is biasphemy?Is it easier to say your sins are forgiven or is it easier to say get up and walk? I well prove that I, the Son of the Man, have the authority on earth to forgive sins. Then Jesus toold the paralyzed man stand up, take your mat, and go on home , beacause you are healed! The baralyzed man got up ,pecked up his mat and went home praising the Lord.Time after time Jesus proved he was the Messiah.On a sabath day,Jesus was teaching in a synagogue.At the time there was a man with a deformed right hand in the synagogue.The religious teachers were watching ti see weather Jesus will heal on Sabath in the hope of bringing legal charges against him.Jesus who knew their thoughts sad I have a question for you.Is it legal to do good deeds on the Sabbath, or is ite a day for doing harm?Is this a day to save or is this a day to distroy? Then he told the disable man reach out your hand . As soon as the man reached out his hand it became normal again! This make his enemies wild with rage and his followeres fall of faith.(loke 6,6 to 11). Jesus attitude towards the sick was ine od freat fairnen.He treated the poorm the neady ,those with great faith ,those who belived in the Lord no matter there race,there social statis or there previous actions.As he says himself healthy people don t need doctor,sick people do.I habe zome to call sinners to turn drom there sin.not to spend my time with those who think.They are already good enough. (Luke 5-13). He came to us to save us, and his attitude and miricales reflect just this. He was specialy cimpasionate to words the poor and the needy, but he never withheld from saving sinners who wished to repent and live a new life. Jesus brought salvation to those faithfull to the Lord.One day Jesus was going towards the house of Jairus sirrounded by a crowd. A women who had a himorrahage for 12 years touches the Messiah and immediately the bleeding stopped. who touched me? asked Jesus. Peter replied master, this whole crowd is pressing against you . Jusus said no, some one deliberatly touched me , for I felt healung power go out of me. The women fell on her knees and told her story to the whole crowd. your faith has made you well.Go in peace. said Jesus to the women. Jesus healed all who asked, even some eho didn t ask were healed just by being in his presence.

The Massiah s healing powers were limitlen, just like the powers of the Lord,In this paragraph we will look at wxamples of Jesus healing people mentally.When Jesus arrived in the land of Gerasence a man possessed by demons came out to meet him. The man who lived naked in a cemetary for many years screamed Why are you bothering me Jesus, son of God high?Pleas I beg you, don t tortore ne. The demons begged Jesus not to send them into the Bottomless Pit, and instead enter the bodies of nearby pigs. Jesus gave them permission to do soo and the man was free from there evil possission and returned to normal. Another time a man aproches Jesus and begs him to help his Epileptic son. He explains to jesus how his deciples failed to heal.Jesus replies you stubborn,faithless people, how log miust I put up with you?bring him here. They bring the boy ti Jesus and he free s him from the evil spirit.One day Jesus casts a demin out of a man who could not speak.At this time some one said no wonder he can cast out demons he gets his power from Satan, the prince of demons. Jesus replies by saying any kingdom at war with it self is doomed.You say I am empowered by the prince of demons, But if Satan is fighting against itself by empowering me to cast out his demons, how can his kingdom survive? the enemies od the Lord tried many times to discredit Jesuses healig power , but each time they failed.How can one point to even the slightest bad in someone, when that someone is only good?No matter how many people Jesus healed, those whom hearts were blind to the signs of God refused to believe. One reasin why Jesus didn t heal in Nazereth was just this.People refused to believe that someone who grew up amongst them was the Masiah.

Jesus healed many peaple, each in a different way. Lepors, paralized, disabled, those held by evil spirits, eveb the dead returned to life at Jesusee command. He was ultimate healer and his power was unlimited, just like his love for the people. Never did he refuse to heal, he healed all those who asled to be helped.He was the friend od the poor, and served them not just by phsycal healing.He dined with the rich and sat with the sinners in order to save them.He blessed those who were faithfull and forgave the sins od the sinfull. He dudu;t limit his mission to the people of Isreal, many none Jews were healed by him because the kingdom of the Lord is for all humains. With his love, he reversed the curse put on humanity at the time of Adam. He starter a new battle with Satan and his kingdom and even even spirts begged him for mercy. He was indead the Massiah send by the Lord to save us from sin.

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