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The Star Wars Trilogy Essay, Research Paper

The Star Wars Trilogy

The First of the three part series, Star Wars, is the tale of a band of

heros who team together for the good of the universe and the money. The story

begins as Princess Leia is held hostage by the Galactic empire in order to crush

the rebellion against them. During the attack on Leia’s ship two droids, R2-D2

and C-P30, escape through an escape pod. They landed on a foreign planet and

were captured and sold to their new master Luke Skywalker. The Empire chases the

droids because they have a secret map detailing the whereabouts of the rebel


As the empire searches for the map they destroy Luke’s home. With no

where to go R2-D2 leads Luke to Old Ben. One of the last Jedi Nights Ben takes

Luke and the droids across the universe to The planet Orion on search of help.

They meet Han Solo and Chewbacca who have a ship to get them there.

At this time in an attempt to get the co- ordinates for the Rebel base

from the Princess Darth Vader, A leader of the Empire, Destroy Orion with there

new space station the Death Star. As Luke and Han Aboard the Falcon get near the

old planet they are caught by the Death Star. Once in side they escape there

captors and seek to escape the Death star. While doing this they find Leia and

free her. Ben also find his long time student turned evil, Darth Vader, and

fights to the death. Vader wins but Ben spirit remains with Luke. The others

escape but the Empire has already found the location of the rebel base and are

on their way to destroy it.

The heros flee to the rebel base to warn them and a last ditch attempt

to destroy the Death Star is made. Luke is chased by Vader and Solo comes to the

rescue. Luke destroys the Death star and wins.

The Second movie, The Empire Strikes Back, sees the return of all the

characters from the previous movie. The rebel base is now on an ice planet. The

Empire again attacks and the rebels flee. Leia, Solo, Chewie and the Droids find

them selves stranded in the Falcon from the others and Luke heads out to find

Yoda, Bens Master, and learn the force. The Falcon lands in a mining colony run

by Lando Calrision. There they are caught by the Empire in an Attempt to catch

Luke and turn him to the Dark Side. Luke has found Yoda and has a vision that

his friends are in danger. He goes to save them against Yoda’s warning and not

knowing of the trap.

Solo is frozen and sent to Jabba the hut who he owes money. The others

escape. Luke and Vader fight. Vader frustrated that Luke won’t change cuts off

his arm and jumps out to the waste shoot. There he hangs on to his life as he

waits for the others to rescue him. While heading back to the rebel fleet Vader

telepathically contacts Luke And tells him he is his Father.

The Third Part, The Return Of the Jedi, starts as Leia,, Luke, Chewie,

Lando and the droids head of to rescue Han. After a Battle they kill Jabber and

rescue Han. During this time Luke shows us his new skills. The others return to

the fleet but Luke and R2-D2 go to Yoda. Once there luke sees Yoda die and is

told that his father is Darth Vader and he has a sister, Leia. He then returns

to the fleet who have dicovered the Empire has a new Death Star and the rebel

will attempt to destroy it. To destroy the Death Star first they must destroys

its shelds from the Endor Moon. Luke, Leia, Han Chewie and the Droids laed a

team to do this. Lando takes the Falcon for the asult on the Death Star. While

on the endor moon They are caputred by ewoks. They make friends with them and

help them to fight the Empire. Luke tells Leia they are related and about Vader

and surrenders himself to fight his dad and become a Jedi.

Luke goes up to the Death str and is confronted by the Emperor. Luke

fights Vader but this tme he wins and cuts off his arm. Now knowing that he has

lost the Emperor starts to kill Luke but Vader kills him to save his son. The

other destroy the shield then the death star and Luke escapes leaving his father

behind to finish dieing on the Death Star. The final scence shows all the main

characters together with The Ghost of Yoda, Ben and Anikin Skywalker (Vader

before he turned to evil)

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